The left’s sudden infatuation with fractured families

The latest anti-Trump #fakenews meme that broke over the weekend had to do with the Trump administration’s illegal immigration policy supposedly involving separating children from their parents.

Of course, the obvious response is that if you don’t want to be separated from your children then don’t come here illegally.

I mean, American citizens who are incarcerated for their crimes are also separated from any children they might have. This has never been a front-page headline.

Aside from this argument, Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected the left to the point that they are unashamedly defending lawbreakers: illegal immigrants, the murderous MS-13 gang, and deep state operatives who spied on Trump.

Let’s be clear about something. The left advocates the mass killing of the unborn. They do not care one whit about separating illegal immigrant families unless you understand it in the context of separating future illegal Democrat voters from current ones.

If the left cares so deeply about separating children from their parents, why didn’t they care when Obama’s “dreamers” were separated from their parents when brought here illegally?


Mysterious (Ephesians 3:1)

God does things we can’t fathom. We do not think like God, nor do we act like God. He often does His work in solitude when no one’s watching. We can’t always trace God but we can always trust God.

1. Find a cause bigger than yourself. We all have goals and aspirations but our vision means nothing if it differs from God’s. Unfortunately, we often live small lives because we live for things that do not matter.

The world always has its champions, those they esteem. Goliath was one such individual. But Goliath proved not too big to kill; he was too big to miss. Killing him was a big cause.

Don’t let others put something on you God never intended you to wear.

There is something worth living for and if we live for small things we’ll wake up every day empty and exhausted and frustrated.

We serve a God who works abundantly.

2. When you know who you are, you will be bold in your calling. Paul knew who he was and who he was not. He knew whom he belonged to and whom he did not belong to. The church in America has lost its identity in Christ.

If you are saved then you are accepted in the Beloved. If you let other people define you, you are letting them limit what you do for Christ.

Paul knew who he was so he was able to preach with boldness and conviction. He didn’t care what others thought of him.

Too often we let someone project something on us that God never intended.

We all have the authority of the word of God yet live with no joy and no pizzazz.

Most of the books Paul wrote were written from prison. (Ephesians wasn’t one of them.) He referred to himself as a prisoner because he was in complete bondage to Christ Jesus.

3. We are all prisoners to someone. This includes bondage to sin. You may consider yourself free from God but that only means you are a slave to sin.

Choose who you will serve. You are born a servant. You only get to choose who you serve.

Victory and freedom only come when we submit to Christ and stop rebelling.

Paul did what he did for the Gentiles. These were the ones he was called to reach.

4. We do what we do for souls. Souls make sleepless nights worth it. In the end, nothing else matters but souls. God has chosen to use us to win souls and grow the body of Christ.

Paul suffered the things he suffered for the sake of the Gentiles.

There are people to be reached. We are just too lazy to reach them.

When was the last time you got on your face and wept over lost people going to Hell? We have no burden for souls. The fact that we used to be lost ought to bother us.


triturate (v.) — chew or grind (food) thoroughly

vulpine (adj.) — crafty; cunning

stertorous (adj.) — (of breathing) noisy and labored

avarice (n.) — extreme greed for wealth or material gain

interstice (n.) — an intervening space, especially a very small one

importunate (adj.) — persistent, especially to the point of annoyance or intrusion

sentient (adj.) — able to perceive or feel things

rake (n.) — a fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous habits

querulous (adj.) — complaining in a petulant or whining manner

hobbledehoy (n.) — a clumsy or awkward youth

rill (n.) — a small stream

guttersnipe (n.) — a scruffy and badly behaved child who spends most of their time on the street

excogitate (v.) — think out, plan,or devise

entelechy (n.) — the realization of potential

contrition (n.) — the state of feeling remorseful and penitent

incontinence (n.) — lack of self-restraint

gombeen man (n.) — (Irish) a shady, small-time “wheeler-dealer” businessman or politician who is always looking to make a quick profit, often at someone else’s expense or through the acceptance of bribes

mélange (n.) — a mixture; a medley

duodene (n.) — a schematic group of twelve notes; a group of twelve

buccinator (n.) — a flat, thin muscle in the wall of the cheek

The unseen war

According to the book of Job, Satan walks around on the earth. He did so then. There’s no reason to believe he doesn’t do so now.

The moral depravity all around us today in 2018 is astonishing. We need a Savior. If you don’t have the Savior, you have nothing.

I genuinely believe God’s hand is on President Trump. There is genuine, deep and widespread evil aligned against him, and against us. It is evident every minute of every day. Whether or not you approve of his lifestyle and past choices, if you are a Christian and love liberty, you owe it to this president to pray for him daily. No, he isn’t the Savior. But until Christ returns, the United States is the last, best hope of mankind. President Trump is the leader of the last, best hope. For 8 years, the last, best hope of mankind fell into the wrong hands. We almost lost it, but by the grace of God and an uprising of tens of millions of wonderful deplorables, we have preserved the last, best hope, at least for now.

The evil you see around you every day isn’t going away. Evil won’t ever quit, and it won’t go away until it is vanquished by the Savior. Just because we elected President Trump doesn’t mean we can rest. Preserving the last, best hope of mankind demands constant vigilance and prayer.

Much of Europe is lost to Islam. The Europeans did it to themselves.

Godless globalists and socialists want the same for us, to put an end to the last, best hope and subject us all to hopelessness.

Let us not go gently to the endless winter night.

My people

I am one-eighth Italian. My mother is one-fourth Italian. Her mother was one-half Italian. He mother was a full-blooded Italian because both her parents were born in Italy and immigrated to the United States when they were young.

Giuseppe Megaletti Reverdito was born in the small town of Cortemilia in 1858. He was my great-great-grandfather. He emigrated from his homeland sometime around 1880. He would Americanize his name to Joe Ditto, Joseph being the English equivalent of Giuseppe.

Angelina “Lena” Caroloni Savoria was born in Piana Crixia, a small town not far from Cortemilia, in 1863. She was my great-great-grandmother. We don’t know if she knew Giuseppe before they emigrated, met on the boat — they most likely sailed from Genoa, which was the nearest port — or met after arriving in the U.S. (My theory is that they met on the boat.)

They would settle in Memphis, Tennessee. Lena died in 1919, aged 55 or 56. Joe would live to be 82. He died in 1940. They are buried in Memphis. We aren’t sure what brought them to Memphis, but suffice it to say that my family has a long history in Memphis. With my 20-year-old going to school there, six consecutive generations of my family have lived in Memphis for at least part of their lives.

The two maps below show the communities of Cortemilia and Piana Crixia, and also their relative locations in northwest Italy.

Tuesday morning musings

The second-greatest conspiracy in America is the Deep State’s failed coup attempt against President Trump. The greatest conspiracy is the ongoing (and typically silent) demand that left-handers adapt to a right-handed world.

Before the 2018 season began, the Braves and Phillies were both ranked in the 20’s in ESPN’s baseball power rankings of all 30 MLB teams. As of this morning, the Braves and Phillies are two of only three teams in the National League with a .600 winning percentage.

President Trump is coming to Nashville for a rally next week. I would love to see him again. My son and I and a couple of friends went to the Trump rally last year. This year I have to work and so I’ll leave it to others to fill the seats. I expect the demand this year to be every bit as spectacular as last year, if not more so.

When President Trump revealed last year that the Obama administration had tapped his wires, he was ridiculed and made fun of. Now that it is common knowledge that the Obama administration tapped his wires, these same deep state allies are telling us it was for his own good. No one on the left seems bothered by the politicization of the law enforcement wing of the federal executive branch.

This is the first year that I have completely lost interest in the NBA playoffs. It has become so mundane and predictable that there is no suspense. I can’t imagine being a member of the sports media having to pretend to care. I also can’t believe fans are dishing out the big money to attend these games. I won’t even watch them on TV, much less pay to watch.

Nashville is arguably the greatest city on earth, or at least in the top five, yet all we do is complain about the traffic and weather.

Speaking of great cities, Hattie B’s just opened up in the Cooper-Young neighborhood in Memphis. The last two times I’ve driven by Hattie B’s in Nashville, the line has been so far out the door that I’ve eaten somewhere else. We’ll have to see if Hattie B’s in Memphis takes off similarly.

College football season begins in a little more than 3 months. I loved my season ticket in the end zone, but the UofM has moved the student section to include the section I was in last year, so I hope to mirror my seat from last year in the opposite end zone.

Things I’ve learned about church membership

I’ve been going to church literally my entire life. I’ve been to Methodist churches, Baptist churches, and am currently a very satisfied member of a non-denominational church. I’ve seen some good and some bad, but more of the good. I do my best to avoid the bad. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the years:

1. Don’t hold your pastor to a higher account than yourself. He’s a sinner, too, and needs grace and a Savior just as much as anyone else.

2. If you keep church-hopping in search of the perfect church and/or the perfect pastor, you’re going to be permanently disaffected. You will never find what you’re looking for. It’s best to find a local church that sticks to Biblical truth and where you can fit in, and stay there.

3. Find one thing to volunteer for and do that to the best of your ability. Like a lot of other church members, I’ve volunteered for things I really didn’t want to do and things I wasn’t really good at. Also, I’ve volunteered for multiple ministries simultaneously. I wasn’t happy and often dreaded what I had obligated myself to. At my current church, I am part of the media team. I love it. We have a burgeoning online ministry, and I’m part of the team that produces the live video stream. I enjoy tinkering with technology and I’ve been part of the media team for more than two years. It’s the perfect church job for me. And it’s the only thing I do there.

4. Tithe. You won’t miss the money, and you’ll be honoring God by your obedience.

5. Don’t ever think someone isn’t good enough to attend your church. You aren’t any better than the person sitting next to you, and don’t ever fool yourself into thinking you are. You need a Savior as much as the next person. If you don’t think someone belongs, then maybe you don’t, either.

6. Be an encourager. Do not complain and spread discouragement in your church. Don’t be a part of church gossip. This reflects worse on you than anyone you are attempting to besmirch.

7. Encourage your pastor often. He needs to hear it. Don’t flatter, just encourage.

8. If you don’t like the music, or the style of worship, or your pastor’s methodology, or the order of service, or the temperature in the sanctuary, or the color of paint on the walls, too bad. Learn to love it. If you join a church, then you’re accepting it the way it is, just as you would a person you choose to make friends with. Either accept your church on an as-is basis or find another church. Don’t start trying to change things to suit your desires.

9. Treat your church as you would your home. If there’s a piece of trash on the floor, pick it up and toss it in the trash. If the paper towels in the bathroom run out, then go find more and refill it.

10. Your church does not exist to serve you. Your relationship with your church ought to be symbiotic; you ought to benefit from your church and your church ought to benefit from you. If either of those is missing, then you have an unhealthy relationship to the body of Christ.

11. Don’t judge a church by its building. Just because a church looks like the Taj Mahal doesn’t mean it’s spiritually fulfilling. And just because a church looks plain and unadorned doesn’t mean it isn’t alive with the gospel. It’s just a building. Church can happen in any setting.

But God (Ephesians 2:20-22)

There was a time when we were “illegal aliens” to the gospel. But now, because of Christ, we are citizens of God’s kingdom.

We are not called to a physical building but to a spiritual body.

From the very beginning, there has been one thing the church has been built upon, and must continue to be built upon, and that is the truth of the word of God. You will never grow spiritually without the truth of the gospel.

1. The building is useless without a proper foundation. If your foundation is built upon anything other than the truth of the word of God, then you are on sinking ground.

Unfortunately, we tend to convolute the word of God. Those churches that are most effective are those that have stripped away the excess and are focused solely on preaching the gospel.

There are false gods and false teachers today just as there were in Biblical times.

A wise man build his house on rock; a foolish man builds his house on sand.

It doesn’t matter what people think about us. It matters a great deal what God knows about us.

The question isn’t the storm. The question is what you are made of to withstand the storm.

It is the word of God that rebuilds you.

2. Jesus must be the centerpiece of all that we are. God tells us not to fret and worry about tomorrow. Seek first the wisdom and counsel of God. Seek His righteousness then all these things will be granted. His riches and glory never run out.

Our relationships and churches implode when Jesus is not the centerpiece.

God doesn’t want what we have left over. He wants our best, our first.

You have not when you ask not. He knows what you need but still wants to hear you ask.

You can declare Jesus the Lord of your life now, or you can do it at the judgment when it’s too late. But either way you will declare Jesus as Lord.

You are not supposed to be the same size spiritually than you were this time last year. If you are then something is wrong.

If you are saved, then God lives in your body. He doesn’t just dwell in the church.

3. The Holy Spirit indwells the body of a believer and ignites the body of Christ. If we fully understood the power of God that is available to us, it would change everything about our lives.

If you get someone as big as God living inside you, He will manifest Himself on the outside so that it’s obvious you are saved.

We are the habitation of God. This is convicting.

Three Biblical truths we have learned today:

  • Build your life on the foundation of God.
  • Make Jesus the centerpiece of your life.
  • Let others see the awesome power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in you.

Everything we have is the result of God.

The enemy of their enemy is their friend

President Trump made a remark about the murderous MS-13 gang, calling them “animals” — which was an uncalled for slam on animals — and was purposefully taken out of context by the #fakenews media so that word circulated that he had referred to immigrants in general as animals. It wasn’t an oversight. It was a deliberate attempt to besmirch the president.

As always, it backfired. The #fakenews media are like Elmer Fudd when his shotgun backfires and he ends up with gunpowder all over his face wondering what happened.

At this point, I don’t know why the #fakenews media continue with these shenanigans. Every time they pull a stunt like this on The Donald, his poll numbers go up and they remind us why they cannot be trusted to report anything honestly. Trump is going to win no matter what. It’s uncanny.

But there’s another element to the fallout from the “animals” remark that seems lost on the left. Democrats and their conspirators in the #fakenews media will oppose literally anyone and everything trumpeted by Trump, and vice versa. Since the president champions pretty much everything that is wholesome and good and American, the Democrats, by virtue of their uncontrollable Trump Derangement Syndrome, have sidled up to some really unsavory characters.

The result of the “animals” remark backfiring was a significant number of Democrats and reporters aligning themselves with the MS-13 gang. You remember MS-13. That’s the gang who murdered those two black teenage girls in Long Island whose parents were guests at the State of the Union in January. (And we’re told that black lives matter.) And you remember the State of the Union. That’s the night Democrats told us who their enemies were by what they sat for.

Not only has MS-13 found a friend in the Democrat Party, consider who else the left has championed by virtue of their TDS and oppose-everything-Trump-is-for mentality. They have sidled up to the potbellied dictator in North Korea. (Believe me when I tell you they hated it when he released our hostages.) They have a porn star as their virtual mascot. They have sidled up to a despotic Iranian regime. If you’re a lawbreaker, a thug, a despot, a pervert, a moocher, and/or an America-hater, the Democrats will roll out the red carpet to make you feel at home.

So who are the Democrats’ sworn enemies? Aside from President Trump, there’s the unborn, law-abiding gunowners, productive American laborers, the military, free-thinking minorities who don’t vote Democrat, and us deplorables.

This is the sad state of the Democrat Party in 2018. Judge them by their failed ideas. Judge them by their friends. Judge them by their enemies. No matter how you judge them, they’re losers, they hate freedom, and the must be defeated at every opportunity.

The old ballgame

Last week my 20-year-old hit me up to go to a Phillies game this year since they’re finally great again. (Trump!) It turns out that tonight was the night. We drove up to St. Louis earlier today and it was a great evening for baseball. We had not been to a game together since 2015. We last saw the Phillies in 2013. We last came to St. Louis in 2012. I love St. Louis (the city) and have seen more MLB games here than in any other city, even though we are Phillies’ fans. But I have hated the Cardinals for decades and have managed to keep my hatred stoked all these years. So I love beating St. Louis, and tonight we beat them 6-2.