Quote du jour

The following is an excerpt of an exchange that took place between a caller and Rush Limbaugh during his show yesterday. The caller’s sentiment is exactly my sentiment, and I absolutely love Rush’s answer.

CALLER: I’m an evangelical, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a very well educated female, and I love President Trump. And I wanted to express to you that a lot of my fellow evangelicals support him not because he has the sterling character that one would think evangelicals would go for because of course Mitt Romney had all those characteristics and evangelicals did not support him. However, I think what has happened is we’ve been forced into social and political debates and situations, and we’re just fed up with it, and we want a CEO. We want somebody who can run the country, who can look at the situation both economically and socially … I realize it’s not gonna stop, and I know that the mainstream and the deep state and everybody is out to get him, but practically what are things that we can do, the people who support Trump because we know he’s doing a good job.

RUSH: Just keep supporting him. I’m telling you, you may think that’s not enough, but I can’t tell you how huge it is. You keep supporting him and you tell everybody every chance you get that you’re supporting him. And when the name Stormy Daniels comes up, you go (raspberry), “I don’t care.” And they say, “But you’re an evangelical.” “Well, that’s her problem the way she lives, not mine. I’m not gonna let you or anybody else tell me that I supported the wrong guy. You throw Stormy Daniels at me, you can throw anything you want and it doesn’t matter, I support Trump.” And every one of you that voted for him, I’m telling you, you have to remain in his camp, you have to be as energetic and vocal for him today as you were during the campaign because that’s pretty much all we’ve got. They’re never gonna stop using the Stormy Danielses and the Stormy Danielses, they’re never gonna stop popping up. And Robert Mueller is not gonna go away. And the Drive-By Media isn’t gonna go away. … But your loyalty to Trump, your unwavering support, I can’t tell you how that irritates and angers the media. You keep it up and you’ll never see evidence of it, but you’re driving them crazy that they cannot change your mind.



The Exit (Exodus 13-14)

Before they left, the Israelites borrowed a lot of money and other valuables from the Egyptians because God knew they’d need money once they were on their own.

Just because we follow Christ doesn’t mean our lives won’t be without difficulty. It’s natural to want to turn back when things get difficult.

Get used to difficulties. God won’t tell us what’s coming and He doesn’t always show us the easy way. After all, God led the Israelites to the Red Sea.

Our lives are harnessed by the sovereignty of an almighty God.

He finds a way to fulfill the promises He gives us.

After their escape, God followed the children of Israel in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. He was there every moment of their journey.

God will sometimes lead us in very strange and unusual ways so we will be where we need to be on the day we need to be there.

God already knew how Pharaoh would respond. When we humans think we know how someone will respond we often get tangled up.

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so he would chase the Israelites. It was like a divine chess match.

God had honored and favored and blessed the children of Israel. He had subdued their enemies.

He led them to the water. Behind them was the Egyptian army. It seemed an impossible situation.

How soon we forget the delivery method of God. The Israelites has only been gone a matter of days, and already they cried out hopelessly. They wanted to go back to Egypt because it seemed the easy thing to do. They thought God had brought them to that place only to kill them.

Fear is a liar.

Being still does not mean doing nothing.

Stop fearing what God has already destroyed on our behalf.

If you want to get in God’s way, He will let you, but you’ll bear the repercussions.

We all have Red Sea experiences in our lives. But whatever we’re facing, God is bigger. He will vindicate us 100% of the time.

We are all in a fight — at church, at home, etc. So let us fight for righteousness and let God handle the results.

Look forward and avoid looking back. Except when the Israelites looked forward they were staring at water.

The Israelites crossed over on dry ground — not muddy and not even damp. The ground that had just been covered by water was now entirely dry.

We too often forget what God has done for us.

The very thing that God used to save the Israelites is the same thing He used to destroy the Egyptian army. Moses could never have figured this out.

Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore — the very ones who had enslaved them for 430 years.

They believed the Lord. They also believed Moses. So God had not only vindicated Himself, He had also vindicated His mouthpiece.

They know not what they do

My good friend the Rifleman, who is also Brian McCann’s doppelgänger, has posted on the anti-gun protests we are seeing at schools across America. He correctly points out that a good many of the students are only protesting because the are being made to, and most of the ones who are willing participants don’t really understand what they are protesting.

Last Friday, Rush Limbaugh pointed out much the same thing. These protests are not organic. Few, if any protests by leftists are. Usually they are organized top-down with protesters often bussed in, paid for, or just flat-out coerced by the organizers. That is the case with these student protests. It really isn’t the students. They are merely pawns in the left’s anti-freedom machine. After all, when was the last time you saw genuine, bonafide protesters demanding their rights be taken away as is the case on America’s campuses these past few weeks?

I mean, do these teenagers look passionate to you? Or do they look like teenagers who are being forced to participate in something they care nothing about?

One crazy tournament

We are down to the Sweet 16 in this year’s NCAA tournament. The first weekend was as unpredictable and tumultuous and chaotic as I’ve ever seen it, which is the primary allure of the tournament in the first place. The NCAA must be ecstatic with all the storylines. Consider the following:

  • For the first time ever, a 16-seed took down a 1-seed. In this case, it was UMBC blowing out the no. 1 overall seed, the Virginia Cavaliers, by 20 points.
  • With Florida State’s upset of Xavier last evening, two of the four top seeds did not survive the first weekend.
  • In a tournament with no upsets, the Sweet 16 would consist of teams all seeded 1-4. This year, 9 of the 16 are seeded 5 or lower. This includes two 11 seeds.
  • One of the 11’s is Syracuse, the very last team chosen for the original field of 68. They defeated Michigan State yesterday despite making just 15 field goals the entire game and being out-rebounded by 21.
  • Seventh-seeded Nevada knocked of second-seeded Cincinnati yesterday despite trailing by 22 points with 11 minutes to go. They closed the game on a 32-8 run.
  • Last year’s national champion, North Carolina, was blown out by Texas A&M in another 7-over-2 upset.
  • The south region semi-finals consist of the 5, 7, 9 and 11 seeds. That’s three teams with prime-numbered seeds. Has this ever happened before?

But God (Ephesians 2:3-4)

Don’t ever minimize your past but also don’t stay there. It is a platform for you to use to help others and not a pitfall.

We all struggle with the course of this world but Jesus is our “course correction.”

Rebellion is a spiritual problem and disobedience is a lack of spiritual discipline. Hell is full of “pretty good” people because we do not want to admit our sin problem.

What you say verbally doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match what you do physically.

God always leaves a situation better than He finds it.

Even when saved, we still do the things our flesh wants to do because our flesh is as unregenerate as when we weren’t saved. If you feed your flesh it will stay hungry. If you feel your spirit it will starve your flesh.

If you give your flesh any chance to sin it will do it.

1. Our new life is consumed with feeding our spirit and starving our flesh. For years we did just the opposite. We kept going back to the things that brought us pain and heartache. Even the church is filled with individuals who feed their flesh and starve their spirits.

Our flesh loves drama. Whatever you feed will overtake your life: either your flesh or your spirit.

Your mind and your heart are interchangeably connected.

2. If you lose the battle in your mind, you’ve lost the battle in your body. If you think about it long enough you will be involved in it. You have to feed your spirit.

This is why pornography is so dangerous. If you feed your mind long enough you will seek fleshly fulfillment.

The American church is in chaos because we are focused on fleshly nonsense instead of spiritual fulfillment.

As man thinks in his heart his flesh will be connected to it. If you think on the wrong things they will destroy you. This is why we must continually renew our minds.

Concentration always brings conformity.

If you are without Christ you are as the others. We were born under the wrath of God. By nature we are the children of wrath.

3. Condemnation is present, not future. Hell is real. We preach on John 3:16 because it’s a great verse, but we never seem to preach the next two verses because they tell of condemnation.

God doesn’t care about your denomination. If we aren’t saved we are condemned to Hell and are, in fact, condemned right now.

Jesus can do everything about this. He can save us from the wrath of God.

We have to be born again because the first one brought us in as children of wrath.

God is rich in mercy and completely transcends our earthly wealth. He has great love for us. We need His great love because we are a great wreck.

We love God because He first loved us. He chose to love us as we are for His own glory. He does not want wrath for us, but this is what we get if we reject His love for us.

4. The love of God is greater than the sins of our past. Paul, when he was known as Saul, killed people like us. Yet God’s love was greater.

Let us be thankful that God loves us through our ignorance and wickedness and evil and stupidity. He even loved us in our mother’s womb.

God can do exceedingly and abundantly. He wants to take us right where we are and make us so much better.

Friday musings

The phone doesn’t ring anymore. We got rid of our phone. I hate the sound of a phone ringing.

We are supposed to listen to a bunch of high school and college-aged kids who want to end gun violence by having the right to defend themselves taken away. In the past, groups of people protested because their rights were being violated. Today’s leftists protest to have their rights violated.

Yesterday’s 8-mile run was somehow easier than last week’s 7-mile run. The half-marathon is 6 weeks from tomorrow and I have 3 planned long runs remaining. The longer they are, the more spaced apart they become. I’m right where I want to be at this point in my training.

The Phillies have had two significant free agent signings this off-season. Someone there is at least committed to winning. Maybe we can finish at least .500 this year.

It has been a year since I went to President Trump’s rally in Nashville.

I don’t engage in meaningless symbolism, like wearing this color on this day for that cause. I only engage in activities that get results, or at least have the potential to get results.

I used to camp out in front of the TV to watch endless basketball this time of year, but I just can’t do it anymore. I lose interest. But I do love the tournament.

Speaking of the tournament, Nashville, one of the host cities for rounds 1 and 2, got screwed. The committee could have put Tennessee and Kentucky here, but instead we inherited 8 teams that no one here even cares about.

The Memphis Grizzlies have lost 19 games in a row. I’m calling it Jefferson Davis’ revenge.

Today my wife and I made a large Goodwill drop-off. We hadn’t donated in about a year. It’s always a good feeling to give away unwanted items and declutter a little more.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the first full day of the NCAA basketball tournament. It’s 32 games in 2 days and 48 games in 4. By Sunday’s end, the 68-team field will pared down to the Sweet 16. It’s exciting and maddening and altogether unpredictable. That’s why I laugh when the know-it-all pundits get all analytical and make their erudite predictions, and even offer their “insight” to help us do our brackets. They don’t know any better than the rest of us who is going to win. There are going to be upsets — several of them, in fact. So the key to any successful bracket is correctly choosing the eventual national champion and identifying as many of those upsets as possible. A kid has as much chance of picking these as any paid pundit. It’s chaos and mayhem. So it’s just like the #fakenews media, except the tournament is actually fun to watch and, just like the #fakenews media, you cannot apply logic to your tournament picks.

Maybe Memphis will make the field next year with our new coach — Mr. Anfernee Hardaway.

The tender ears of the morally depraved

Several days ago, President Trump referred to a certain #fakenews reporter as an SOB (except he didn’t just say the acronym). The reaction from the Trump-hating left was predictable. You would think they had heretofore never been subjected to such talk. Cry me a river, Trump-hating leftists. You are the ones who advocate the mass killing of the unborn while also embracing all manner of sexual perversion, debauchery and excess without any sort of limits. You also wring your hands over what we’re supposed to tell our children when they hear such talk coming from the president. How come you never ask this when using our schools to promote your godlessness and other perversions, such as gender fluidity and transgenderism? You seem to think you can use your fake sanctimony to separate us Trump supporters from our president. But the opposite is actually true. We love it when our president goes on offense against the #fakenews media for their constant, baseless attacks against him and his family (and us). Finally, we have a president who hits back when he gets hit. Oh, and one more thing, we do regard more or less all #fakenews reporters as SOB’s (or worse). Trump was actually being nice.