Five for Wednesday

I’m seeing from multiple sources this morning that ESPN is pulling an announcer named Robert Lee from a Virginia football game because his name is the same as the famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The Robert Lee of 2017, however, is Asian. Lee is a common Asian surname. Being given the first name “Robert” does not make the announcer a Confederate or a racist. But we can say with great clarity that whoever made this decision at ESPN is an absolute imbecile.

President Trump gave a resounding speech in front of 15,000 patriots in Phoenix last evening. I did not watch the speech, but after reading various headlines and excerpts, it appears that it was vintage Trump. He unloaded both barrels on the #fakenews media and his political opponents. Meanwhile, Soros-paid protesters got to melt in the heat outside. (It got up to 107 degrees in Phoenix yesterday.) Imagine wearing a black mask in that kind of heat. No thanks. And I love our president. I love winning. #maga

Tomorrow, we take the 19-year-old back to Memphis to begin his sophomore year of college. This time we’re sending him with a stash of Trump stickers for his car. They keep getting peeled off by Trump haters.

We’re only one week into the NFL’s preseason, and already players are taking a knee during the National Anthem. (And Colin Kaepernick still can’t find a job.) That’s fine. I’m extending my #boycottNFL into a second season. I didn’t miss it last year and can’t imagine I’ll miss it this year. Meanwhile, this will be my first season to #boycottNBA. I can’t imagine that I’ll miss that, either. The Memphis Grizzlies are in decline, and the eventual outcome is more or less a foregone conclusion. (Golden State will win the championship.) The NBA has turned itself into a bore-fest.

The thing I’ve always loved about Memphis sports is that it has been able to unite an otherwise divided city. Nothing unites the people of Memphis the way the Tigers and Grizzlies pull people together. Otherwise, Memphis — as much as I love the place — is and has long been divided racially, economically, and politically. I guess you can say this about most other large American cities. You can also say it about the nation as a whole. Unfortunately, Grizzlies’ Coach David Fizdale decided to wander away from the unity Memphis sports provides and embrace that which divides: politics. I’m not so naive to believe that his inflammatory comments about our beloved President Trump will have a serious negative impact on the fan base. There are a few like me who are completely turned off. But his comments will play well in Memphis, where the craziest people you can imagine win elections (Steve Cohen, Henri “Hank” Brooks, Willie Herenton, the entire Ford family, etc.). The politics of grievance is usually a winner in the Bluff City. And Memphis politicians know how to contrive and exploit grievances for maximum benefit. David Fizdale isn’t stupid in this regard, although he is grossly misinformed about President Trump and history in general. Most Democrats are.

There is nothing new under the sun

I am currently in the midst of the second of three volumes written by historian Stephen Ambrose about the life of Richard Nixon — the “Nixon trilogy,” as I have come to regard it. At any rate, I am right now in the middle of his first term as president. The year is 1970 and the midterm elections have just taken place. America is in turmoil. There is a great deal of campus unrest and political violence. In other words, events 47 years ago are eerily similar to today’s. Back then, the left was protesting the Vietnam War. Today, they are protesting because they lost an election.

At any rate, in the chapter covering these events in 1970, I came across several quotes that could easily have been written about events today. Some of the quotes were spoken by Richard Nixon himself. Others are about Nixon, or about the events during that period. Again, even though these things occurred nearly two generations ago, they bear close resemblance to events today. Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

Overall, however, the Republican Party did not rally behind its besieged President, the Establishment did not rally behind the besieged institution of the Presidency, the media did not give the President fair and objective treatment.

Nixon told reporters, ‘I think that sometimes the Senate would do better to get out throughout the country and see what the country is thinking,’ just as he was doing. ‘There is sort of an intellectual incest in Washington which really reduces the level of the dialogue, and you have to go to the country now and then to get a real feeling of what people are thinking.”

RN’s effectiveness in using the television medium is remarkable. . . . Instead of trying to win the press, to cater to them, to have backgrounders with them, RN has ignored them and has talked directly to the country by TV whenever possible. He has used the press and not let the press use him. . . . This is a remarkable achievement.

‘The time has come for us to recognize that violence and terror have no place in a free society,’ he said. ‘Whatever the purported cause of the perpetrators may be. . . . No cause justifies violence.’

‘There are those who protest that if the verdict of democracy goes against them, democracy itself is at fault—who say that if they don’t get their own way the answer is to burn a bus or bomb a building. Yet we can maintain a free society only if we recognize that in a free society no one can win all the time.’

‘It is time for the great silent majority of Americans to stand up and be counted,’ he shouted back. ‘And I’ll tell you how you can be counted—on November 3 in the quiet of the polling booth. If a candidate has condoned violence, lawlessness and permissiveness, then you know what to do.’

As the entourage approached the civic auditorium, about a thousand demonstrators greeted the politicians with screams, howls, and roaring chants, many obscene. Safire, who was there, called it ‘an orgy of generalized hate.’

‘The time has come to take the gloves off and speak to this kind of behavior in a forthright way. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly cannot exist when people who peacefully attend rallies are attacked with flying rocks.’

Photos of today’s total solar eclipse near Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

It occurred just prior to 1:30 p.m. where I was. It’s amazing how dark it got and the temperature also dropped several degrees. Birds stopped chirping. All you could hear were insects and dogs barking in the distance. As soon as the total eclipse was over — it only lasted about 2 minutes — the light quickly started to return. Unfortunately, a cloud moved in just before onset, but we still got to see a few seconds of the totality through a thin part of the cloud, hence to top photo.

Sunday musings

I have a peculiar fondnes for self-deprecating humor. It’s important to avoid taking oneself too seriously. It inhibits one’s ability to have fun. I do have fun in this life.

People who were born in 1977 are turning 40 this year.

Tomorrow, President Trump will blot out the sun in various places across the U.S. for a few minutes, just to prove he can do it.

Trump supporters are not racist bigots. We are your neighbors. We are the ones who let you go first in the parking lot and pay for the car behind us at Chick-fil-a. We coach your kids at Little League and hold the door open when your hands are full. You would like us as individuals if you could get over your rage long enough to get to know us.

Just once I wish someone at Chick-fil-a would be rude to me just to prove they are human.

I get a great deal of use out of my electronics, but I am literally always charging something.

I’m broadening last year’s #boycottNFL to #boycottNBA. I was already teetering, and David Fizdale finally pushed me over the ledge. If I can’t follow a sport without being subjected to left-wing politics & #fakenews, then I’ll find another diversion.

Last year there were a record 228 murders in Memphis. None of them were committed by a Confederate statue.

The #fakenews media, Democrats & RINO’s were shocked by Trump’s election last November. They honestly believe themselves to be erudite & sophisticated, but they are actually so dense and unwilling to alter perspective that they are setting themselves up for another great surprise in 2018.

Beware of wolves (2 Peter 2:3-6)

Our current chapter is devoted to one subject: false teachers and false prophets amongst the people. If we don’t know the Bible, then we’re going to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. Our lives will be in chaos.

There were holy men of God who moved as God spoke. But there were wolves in sheep’s clothing who also crept in. The church in America is filled with false teachers and many are deceived. They are not in it for the salvation of humanity, but for their own profit.

It is sometimes difficult to understand a false teacher’s motive, because they will often start out by presenting the truth. But they end up attacking the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many will follow their pernicious ways.

False teachers and those who follow them have given a black eye to Christianity. Thus, honest Christian pastors and believers are often lumped in with the false teachers and their followers, and the gospel of Jesus Christ ends up damaged as a result.

False teachers are often in it for the money, and they make merchandise of those who give to their ministries. From our perspective, it appears as though they are getting away with it. But in the end, they will be condemned by God for their falsehoods.

1. Genuine spirituality will always result in authenticity. Thus, behind these false teachers, there is a lack of authenticity. They are fake and they produce fake people. They use feigned words. They lie and gossip and wear a mask.

If you are going to be spiritual then you will be authentic,. We sinners are a wreck and need the grace of God. Also, the church needs people who are authentic. Then others can let their guard down because there is no more pretending.

Money is a tool. It is to be used wisely. All of it belongs to God. Everything we have is a stewardship from God. It you want more, don’t pray for more, but be careful with what you already have.

2. Those who love money will use people. Those who love people will use money. False teachers prey on the widows and the hurting. They profit from those who do not know the Bible. A genuine church wil; use its money to reach and to help more people.

If you don’t handle money it will handle you. One of the biggest conflicts in the home is a mishandling of finances. If you love money, you will use people to get more of it. If you’re not generous when you have nothing, you won’t be generous if you become wealthy.

We are told that even in a perfect state (heaven), one-third of the angels followed Satan and sinned and were cast into darkness.

3. God strongly condemns false teachers by using three vile illustrations. These are the three most extreme judgments in the Bible, with the exception of the end times judgments.

  • The damnation of demons
  • The destruction of the ungodly
  • The debauchery of Sodom & Gomorrah

God said false teachers are evil and wicked and full of debauchery. They will be judged severely and sorely. No one can withstand God’s holy judgment. God still has genuine teachers who stand up to Satan and declare God’s majesty. Knowing the Bible will keep you from error.


scofflaw (n.) — a person who flouts the law, especially by failing to comply with a law that is difficult to enforce effectively

juggernaut (n.) — a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution

dragoon (n.) — a member of any of several cavalry regiments in the British army

physic (n.) — medicine, especially a cathartic

descant (v.) — talk tediously or at length

doughty (adj.) — brave and persistent

foolscap (n.) — a size of paper, now standardized at about 13 x 8

worsted (n.) — a fine smooth yarn spun from long-staple wood

timothy (n.) — a Eurasian grass that is widely grown for grazing and hay

pillion (n.) — a woman’s light saddle

polemicist (n.) — a person who engages in controversial debate

craven (adj.) — contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly

iniquitous (adj.) — grossly unfair and morally wrong

varlet (n.) — a man or boy acting as an attendant or servant

swain (n.) — a country youth

peccadillo (n.) — a small, relatively unimportant offense or sin

peculate (v.) — embezzle or steal (money, especially public funds)

connubial (adj.) — of or relating to marriage or the relationship of a married couple; conjugal

The meaninglessness and irony of progressive protests

The political left has reached a state of anarchy, which is something I’ve never before seen in this country. The election of Donald Trump has quite literally pushed them over the edge psychologically. They can no longer contain their rage, their anger, their hatred. It’s on full display.

What exactly is the left protesting? Do they even know? Often, I submit to you, they do not. So many of them are paid to protest and create mayhem and violence that I’m not sure they even understand the ideology behind the protests or even who is responsible for what.

Last year, they protested President Trump’s campaign appearances and committed acts of violence against Trump supporters in order for Trump to get the blame for inciting violence. The Democrats and #fakenews media played right along.

Before that, there was (and is) Black Lives Matter, where they protest the handful of blacks killed by police officers, often based on a false narrative. (For example, “hands up don’t shoot” never actually happened.) Ironically, they ignore the epidemic of blacks murdered by other blacks. So black lives really don’t matter when it doesn’t fit the political narrative.

Then there are the masked anti-fascists (Antifa) who are committing wanton violence in a number of cities, all the while resembling a cross between the KKK and actual fascists.

You have the Women’s March, where liberal feminists protest for rights they already have.

There was the March for Science where they protested on behalf of the hoax known as “climate change.”

Then you had snowflakes on college campuses in the wake of Trump’s election who were protesting because their candidate lost, and also protesting because they have to hear viewpoints different than their own.

Oh, and there was the gay BLT crowd protesting because some states required people to use public restrooms consistent with their biology. (And they accuse the right of being anti-science.)

Now we have protests where leftists are pulling down or threatening to pull down statues of confederate leaders (who were all Democrats).

None of these protests have any real-world consequences. They are meaningless, just leftists protesting because it gives them an excuse to engage in violence and law-breaking (and also maybe get on some #fakenews program), which is what the left has become anymore.

I am not against political protests — as long as those protesting do not break the law. I’ve engaged in a political protest — or a series of them — myself. Back in the early 2000’s, I joined other protesters at the State Capitol in Nashville to oppose the imposition of a state income tax. This was a protest with real-world consequences. Had the income tax passed, it would have had a far-reaching impact on our paychecks, on the economy, and the size of state government. In other words, we affected actual policy. We won. And then we went home.

Because the left consistently projects, they have become the beast that they accuse President Trump and his supporters of being. To paraphrase something a friend of mine put on Twitter yesterday, if you want to know what the left is guilty of, then search their hashtag du jour, and see what they are accusing us of. Because they accuse the right of the things that they themselves are actually guilty of.

In the wake of Charlottesville, they are accusing President Trump and his supporters of being Nazis and fascists. I know both ideologies are typically applied to the far right, but if you dig a little deeper into what Nazis and fascists actually believed, you will find liberalism/socialism written all over them. Also the tactics used by Nazis and fascists are eerily similar to the tactics of the left and also the #fakenews media.

The left accuses us of being intolerant, but they have cornered the market on intolerance.

They accuse us of hate, but nothing screams hate like an enraged leftist.

They accuse us of racism, but it was the Democrat Party who gave us the KKK, gave us lynchings, gave us Jim Crow.

They criticized Trump for not accepting the election results (when they were sure HRC was going to win), but who is it now that cannot come to terms with the election results?

The left and all their protest groups are the KKK. They are the Nazis. They are the fascists. They are everything they accuse the right of being.

If they were productive members of society, progressive protesters would be at work just like Trump supporters. Instead, their energies are bent toward destroying things other people have built up, pulling down statues of old soldiers, and committing violence against anyone who disagrees with their perverted, godless ideology.

No one ever said draining the swamp was going to be easy.


Quote du jour

This is from the first hour of today’s Rush Limbaugh Show, in which the Maha Rushie breaks down where we are culturally. It’s a long excerpt, but I could not edit any of it out.

And it has become clear, as I have observed all of this, that where we are in America culturally right now, is that the Alt-Left, which is alternatively known as Occupy Wall Street — same people that protested at Ferguson, Missouri, and in Baltimore, Maryland. The same people that protested in Oakland, California, at Berkeley. The same people that have been protesting leftist causes my entire life, it’s the same groups, it’s the same people. The bodies may change; I mean people grow older, new people join the movement. There’s nothing new about this leftist movement.

What is new is that apparently we’ve reached the point in American history where they have 100 percent moral authority. They are not capable of racism. That’s the wrong way to put it, because of course they are racists themselves, and they are bigots. What I’m trying to say is that the media and even — heck, folks, it’s a bunch of people on the right now. As far as the popular culture is concerned, the Alt-Left, as just a title I’m giving them to distinguish them from the others, but the militant leftist protesters have been judged now to be free of morality. That’s still not the right way to say it. They are incapable of being immoral.

We are not permitted to say that they’re immoral. We’re not permitted to judge them in any way. They have moral authority. And that’s where we are. And so any criticism of people on the left is going to tie you automatically with the Alt-Right, the Nazis, the neo-Nazis, the white supremacists and whoever it is that makes up that group. That must be universally condemned, the same type of people that on the left are immune. We can’t go after them. They are now protected, is probably the best way to describe this.


Potbellied poker

The potbellied dictator from North Korea has apparently back off on his threat to attack Guam, after President Trump promised him fire and fury the likes of which the potbellied dictator has never seen. Honestly, I never thought Kim Jong Un was going to launch against anybody, but you can never fully turn your back on a maniac with nuclear technology.

Still, I’m not entirely sure North Korea has the goods that their loudmouth potbellied dictator keeps promising. To quote former President Richard Nixon (one of my heroes):

I played a little poker when I was in the Navy. I learned this — when a guy didn’t have the cards, he talked awfully big. But when he had the cards, he just sat there — had that cold look in his eyes.