More Nixon quotes

I have invested much of my summer reading a three-part biography of Richard Nixon by historian Stephen E. Ambrose. Each volume is over 1,000 pages, so it has taken quite some time to consume all the material. One of the things that has fascinated me is the parallels between politics during Nixon’s presidency and politics in 2017. I have accumulated a handful of additional quotes since the last time I posted quotes, some are by Nixon, some about Nixon, some about politics in general.

Watergate, according to Nixon, would be seen by future historians as “the broadest but the thinnest scandal in American history, because what was it about?”

If I were a liberal Watergate will be a blip.

What did he think of the White House press corps? They “hate my guts with a passion,” Nixon said. “But I don’t hate them, none of them. . . . I can see in the eyes of them, not only their hatred but their frustration, and I, as a matter of fact I really feel sorry for them in a way, because . . . they should recognize that to the extent that they allow their own hatreds to consume them, they will lose the rationality which is the mark of a civilized man.”

“Cowards die a thousand deaths,” he noted, “brave men die only once.”

Nixon’s attempt to use the IRS to get his enemies bothered all the politicians, perhaps more than anything else that the President had done. One supposes they realized how vulnerable they were to such a vendetta. There is irony here. The Kennedys had used the IRS against Nixon, and others; one of Nixon’s most consistent complaints to Haldeman was that the IRS would not cooperate with him and go after his enemies. Nixon was guilty of trying to misuse power with the IRS, but not of actually having done so. He was losing votes for something he had not done, but that had been done to him.

With the exception of [Barbara] Jordan, every one of the speakers knew that there was no political profit for them back among their constituents in impeaching Nixon. With no exceptions, every speaker wished with all his or her heart that this cup had not come.

“We are . . . saying that a President may be impeached in the future if a Congress expresses no confidence in his conduct, not because he has violated the law but, rather, because that Congress declares his conduct to be abusive in terms of their subjective notions of propriety.”

[Nixon’s mother] Hannah did live her life for others, avoided squabbles, did her best to stay above the battle, radiated calm and love.

The light never went out, Nixon stated, not until the last breath, for those who had the self-discipline to live in the darkness a while, then turn it on again.

“Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

In his memoirs, Ford quotes Winston Churchill: “Among the deficiencies of hindsight is that while we know the consequences of what was done, we do not know the consequences of some other course that was not followed.”


Friday musings

I suppose that even the best places to work have a malcontent here and there, someone who just isn’t going to be happy no matter what and complains about office morale. My experience with these people is that their complaints about office morale are just projection. They are projecting their own poor morale onto the rest of the office, when everyone else’s morale may be just fine. Ironically, the malcontents tend to be the single biggest drain on morale in the workplace, and not their perceived slights.

Even though the number of publicly-funded health departments far outweighs the volume of Planned Parenthood clinics, progressives assert that ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood will render health care unobtainable for a large number of low income women. It’s as if only men will have access to health care. They must think we live under Sharia Law or something.

David Bowie is one of my top 5 favorite musicians. I have developed a particular fondness for his “Berlin trilogy” (1977-1979). No matter which Bowie album I happen to be listening to, every once in a while I’ll come across a part and think, ”Whoa, that’s kinda strange.”

The Memphis Grizzlies lost $40M last year. But let’s go ahead and get political and alienate part of the fan base.

Total revenues to the University of Memphis athletic department last year were slightly in excess of $50M. I didn’t realize it was that much. I’m impressed, given that we don’t receive Power 5 television revenue.

Today is the first day of autumn, normally an absolutely glorious day, except it has felt like summer for the past week. Soon we will commence the search for cool October.

Training for my next half-marathon begins a week from Sunday. As always, I’m partly excited, partly intimidated, partly optimistic, partly doubtful. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Rhys Hoskins, a Phillies’ rookie, has 45 runs batted in with only 140 at bats.

The Democrats are on their heels and the #fakenews media are in disarray, yet the Trump administration is being falsely portrayed as chaotic. The Obama administration was corrupt to a degree that one can only imagine, yet Trump is the one under investigation. Who can know how many crimes are being ignored on the left while Robert Muller continues his fishing expedition into Trump’s past, where no charges have even been made? All we can do is press forward and help drain the swamp.

I’m still learning the ropes of iOS 11, but, like all other previous versions of iOS, I’m amazed by what these devices can do.

Quote du jour

It’s a gem from the oft-quoted Rush Limbaugh on yesterday’s show (hour one), reiterating a point I have been making here these last two days regarding the gulf that exists between the political establishment and we, the people, which is actually wider than the gulf between Democrats and Republicans.

The establishment has been in charge, in control and running things for longer than you would believe. And it gets away with disguising itself by having two political parties that appear to be at war with each other, and they make a pretty good show of it.


And the Emmy for the best U.N. speech of all time goes to…DONALD TRUMP!

Yesterday, President Trump gave what might be the best speech ever delivered by an American president to the United Nations. In his speech, he called out the socialists, dictators, despots, thugs, and globalists who populate the world body. He called out “Rocket Man” specifically and said that if he attacks, we will wipe North Korea off the face of the earth.

The president talked about national sovereignty. He said he will always put America first and also told the foreign leaders he expects them to put their own nations first. My friend The Rifleman notes that “He mentioned sovereignty like it’s going out of style. And it was, before he was elected.” Yes! National sovereignty is finally the “in thing” here in the U.S. What a great relief from the “blame America first” approach by the previous administration.

President Trump’s speech earned the ire of the American left, which is a good thing if you’re a patriot, and also drew overwhelming praise from the other leader of the free world, Benjamin Netanyahu. So we’re happy, Israel is happy, and the globalists are unhappy. As Rush Limbaugh remarked on his show yesterday, this wasn’t diplomacy. This was a hit between the eyes.

Speaking of the Emmy’s, I did not watch Sunday’s hate-fest. I never do. I didn’t even hear any audio clips. I didn’t have to. I’ve heard all the cliches. It is my understanding that this year’s Emmy’s was either the lowest rated show of all-time, or very nearly. The thing is, these Hollywood miscreants don’t realize that their audience doesn’t really love them. Moviegoers adore actors and actresses for the characters they portray. When they portray themselves, they most often prove themselves to be ill-informed, pompous, godless, hedonistic, vile, glittering jewels of colossal ignorance. So when they go on rants — and I’ve heard sound bites of enough previous shows to know what goes on — they are only doing it to impress each other. They are their own audience, caught in an isolated, self-absorbed, alternate state of reality. Most of us couldn’t care less what they think about anything.

Re-thinking the political spectrum

My friend the rifleman wrote something this morning that falls right into some thoughts I’ve been having about American politics and whether President Trump’s election was the cause or the effect of a realignment that has taken place in our political spectrum.

Does the traditional concept of left and right still apply? Perhaps not.

Writes my friend, “[I]t’s not right vs left anymore. It’s not liberals vs conservatives. It’s globalists vs nationalists.”

During the past couple of years, Rush Limbaugh, whom I listen to daily (every single minute of every single podcast, in fact), has pointed out that the real political gap isn’t between Democrats & Republicans anymore, but between entrenched politicians and the people they are supposed to represent.

By-and-large, the entrenched politicians are globalists. Those of us out here in “flyover country,” who are viewed by the establishment as hicks and hayseeds, are the nationalists. We’re the ones who stand for the National Anthem, insist on rule of law, mind our own business, and don’t want to see our great nation pillaged by those who come here to take and to destroy. For this, we are called “racists” and “white nationalists/supremacists.”

But this shift in tide isn’t just endemic to the U.S. Look at Europe. Most of Europe is being overrun by Muslims who aren’t seeking a better life, but to take over and rule. As a result, nations like France, England, Sweden, Germany (and others) are losing their national identity, even their safety. Globalism is destroying these countries. And those who refuse to go along with the suicide pact, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, are sharply criticized by the EU nations that are slitting their own wrists.

So, yes, I’ve said before that I’m less of a Republican than I have ever been, because the GOP has been infiltrated with globalists, too. I’m an American. I’m a Trumpist. I’m a nationalist. You can (falsely) call me a racist if you’ve got no other arrows in your quiver, but “American” is not a race.

More quotes from Nixon’s biography

I’m closing in on President Nixon’s resignation in August, 1974. I’m already dreading getting to that part. It is going to be depressing. I’ve learned a great deal about the Watergate scandal, and it is my conclusion that it was greatly overblown. I’m not saying that Richard Nixon was a saint and did nothing wrong. But it was definitely the cover-up of the Watergate break-in that became Nixon’s undoing and not the break-in itself. The scandals perpetrated by Barack Obama and his administration (fast-and-furious, using the IRS to harass political opponents), and also by Hillary Clinton (Benghazi, selling foreign influence via the Clinton Foundation, e-mail server) make Nixon look like a piker. He could only dream of doing what the Obama administration actually did. At any rate, I have highlighted a few excerpts from the text. Some are quotes by Nixon. Some are about Nixon or the American political system in general.

[T]he ultimate power in the American system resides with the legislative branch. Congress can remove the President from office, but the President cannot remove the Congress or individual congressmen. In that stark sense, the American system is a parliamentary one.

You can’t incriminate a man for what he says. It has to be something he does.

Republicans, ‘like conservatives generally, are responsible and play with Marquis of Queensberry rules, whereas the liberals go just the other way.’

He proposed solutions to intractable problems that were simultaneously subtle and just plain common sense. They held great promise. The world would be much better off today had they been adopted.

Never had a President, not even Wilson, been so honored abroad, so hounded at home. Seldom had a President done more for world peace.

Don’t let fat people ruin your football experience

This year I purchased a football season ticket for the Memphis Tigers. Last year I purchased individual game tickets because I was only able to attend 4 out of 7 home games. This year I have resolved to attend all 7. So I picked out what I thought would be a great seat on the front row in one of the end zones. There are 5 seats in the row, and mine is the middle one. I thought it was a little odd that there would be one open seat in the middle of a row of 5, and Saturday I discovered why it was open.

The owners of seats 4 and 5, as it turns out, are a man and wife who are grossly obese. I would estimate that they each weigh over 300 pounds. So when they sit down, the two of them take up three seats completely. The “3” that marks my seat is totally obscured by the woman’s ample rear end. Of course, seats 1 and 2 in my row are also occupied by season ticket holders (normal size), so my assigned seat is unavailable to me without some sort of (probably ugly) confrontation.

What’s a bit strange is that there was never any acknowledgment by the fat couple that they take up too much room. When it was obvious that we had a conflict over seating, the woman — and I estimate both of them to be in their late 30’s — turned to me and said, “It looks like they sold you a bad seat.” Bad seat? It’s not a bad seat. It’s the same as all the other tens of thousands of bleacher seats in the Liberty Bowl. I didn’t say anything to this. What was I supposed to say? Apparently, the fat couple was unwilling to state the obvious — the obvious thing being that in all fairness, they should purchase three season tickets for the two of them. (Don’t airlines force obese passengers to pay for two seats?)

Also, the implication on her part was that it’s somehow the athletic department’s fault for not knowing that a pair of 300-pounders occupy seats 4 and 5 and to avoid selling seat 3 to anyone. I mean, there wasn’t a single acknowledgement from either of them, not even a “Sorry, I know we sorta take up a little more room than most.” Nothing. And what’s more, she made it a point to tell me that she and her husband have had those seats “for over 13 years.” In other words, they weren’t moving or making the slightest accommodation to account for their size.

In a fortuitous twist of fate, there was apparently a wasp’s nest somewhere near our seats. When I left, the oversized couple were being harassed by a pair (and possibly more) of wasps. Trying to fight them off, the husband fussed, “These wasps are starting to p*** me off.” I certainly hope the wasps were just as unwilling to give up their place, too.

Now I’m not a mean person. I’m a peaceful, quiet guy. (Although I was yelling my head off during the game.) I’m not going to get into a confrontation over a stadium seat, especially in front of other people. So I found other places to sit throughout the game. And the obese couple are Memphis fans, too. Saturday was too happy a day to be arguing amongst ourselves.

What I have done is email the athletic department (pasted below) regarding my dilemma. If they are willing to resolve it, great. If not, then I believe I’ll upgrade my seat myself and find someplace to sit on or near the 50-yard line for all remaining games. We’re never completely sold out, so there will be a premium seat for me somewhere every game.

And when I decide to renew my season ticket for next year, it will definitely be for a different seat.

Dear UofM Athletics,

This year I purchased a football season ticket for a seat in the end zone I have never occupied before this season. There are 5 seats in my row. I have the 3rd seat. And I have a problem. The occupants of seats 4 & 5 are, shall I say, very large people. Combined, the two of them completely take up 3 seats. Normally, I would just scoot over to seat 2, but seats 1 & 2 are also occupied by season ticket holders. So I have literally been squeezed out of my seat. Is there any way you can assign me a different seat in the same section for the remaining 5 home football games? Otherwise, I’m a man without a home.

Thank you.

Beware of wolves (2 Peter 2:20-22)

Today we come to the end of chapter 2, which deals entirely with false teachers and those who follow their nonsense. As a result of this, many have fallen from the faith.

1. Only the gospel can deliver us from the corruption in the world. We have escaped the “pollutions of the world” through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. You can try to be a good Christian as much as you want but you will only be saved by Christ. Performance-based faith does not work.

There was a time in our lives when we were sinking. We were going to drown. But we called on God because no matter how hard we tried, we were not going to climb out of that pit on our own.

2. Weak believers that return to their former lives are severely warned by God. Those who understand redemption and go back to the very things Jesus Christ delivered them from are told that it would better if they had never even understood the concept of Jesus.

If you don’t know your Bible you are going to be a weak believer. That’s why it’s so important to go to a church that actually preaches the Bible. Man’s teachings will not change your heart. Behavior modification by itself does not make you a strong Christian.

The closer we get to the end times, the more scoffers and mockers will reveal themselves.

There’s no way we would ever physically spit in the face of Jesus, but we do this spiritually when we run back to the world. You see, we have nowhere else to go. Jesus has the words of life, and going back to the world should never be an option for believers.

Conviction is not a bad thing. It will lead you either to repentance or anger.

We all struggle and have hardships. We’re not bothered by the ones who are bothered by their sin. We’re bothered by the ones who are not bothered by their sin.

3. The difference between a profession and a possession is a true change of your nature. There are those who profess to love Jesus but their nature is filled with disgusting mannerisms. The only thing that changes your nature is a supernatural God. We keep going back to the same things if our nature hasn’t been changed.

Others will know you by your fruits.

One of the greatest scourges of modern-day churches is that they are filled by those who have never been genuinely transformed. If there is a difference inside of you, then you have been transformed.

 Your life should be a living proof of your salvation. You are supposed to grow when you get saved, not go back to the things God redeemed you from.

God changes your nature. He changes your “want to.” If you are genuinely redeeemd then it will show. If there is no genuine transformation in your nature, then perhaps you have a false assurance, a false hope of salvation that you really don’t have.

How #fakenews tries to separate President Trump from his base

President Trump made a deal earlier this week with Chuck & Nancy. The Democrat tag-team and #fakenews happily reported that President Trump had made an amnesty deal on DACA that did not include the wall. So that meant Trump’s base was burning their MAGA hats.

Except none of it was true. And Chuck & Nancy were forced to admit there was no such deal, but the #fakenews was already out there. And once it’s out there, it can’t be recalled. Fortunately, I can report from inside the base that no one has gone anywhere. We’re a little too smart for the liars.

All President Trump has is his base — the ones who elected him. He does not have the support of the Democrats & #fakenews media, obviously. He is opposed by the Deep State. There is even significant opposition within his own party. But the base is broad enough and informed enough to decide an entire election. The Democrats & #fakenews know that the only way to bring down President Trump is to separate him from his base (re: Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals”).

So they’ll dig around, and through polling or some other means, the Democrats & #fakenews have found out the catalyst for President Trump’s base stampeding off is if The Donald caves on amnesty and doesn’t follow through on the wall. So guess what the fake headlines are going to be?

Most of us in Trump’s base are politically astute enough to immediately write off as #fakenews any headline which is critical of our president. We know what they’re up to and they just aren’t going to get away with it. We also know that we elected a deal-maker and a master negotiator, and are content to let President Trump do what we elected him to do.

The Democrats and #fakenews are going to continue to assault the president and also us in the base in an effort to drive a wedge between us. But the only one who can drive away the base is The Donald himself. And that just isn’t going to happen.