Demcrats just don’t like fracking

If you’re wondering why gas prices have fallen so sharply the last several months, it’s not because of anything the government is doing. It’s because fracking, right here in the U.S., has increased supply. Democrats hate fracking, and for two reasons. First, they believe it harms the environment. This is why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking to ban fracking in his state. Second, fracking increases supply, and Democrats oppose pretty much anything that increases our domestic supply of oil. We Americans love our cars. Cars translate to freedom. We also love cheap gas. The cheaper the gas, the lower the cost of living, and the greater our economic freedom. Leftists would just as soon see gas prices rise to the moon so that we, the masses, could be more easily herded into public transportation (while they continue to ride around in SUV’s and fly all over the world). So Democrats are quite mortified over the results of fracking and the greater economic freedom it has helped create.


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