The age of protests

Buck Sexton sat in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday, with the legendary host on vacation for the rest of the year. Buck does a pretty good job as a fill-in. During hour one, he brought up an especially astute observation that the current wave of anti-police protests is nothing more than an extension of the Occupy Wall Street protests of a couple of years ago. I hadn’t thought of that angle, but he seems to be onto something. The same kind of people are engaged this time as last.

What I find so ironic about all this is that we are nearing the end of Barack Obama’s sixth year in office. If you recall, when he was elected back in 2008 under the Hope & Change moniker, the One was going to heal our souls, end partisanship and racism, get the rest of the world to love us again, and lower the sea levels. He was elected on these platitudes. Of course, none of this sophistry has come to pass. If anything, we’re even more divided than ever. This sort of deception is what liberalism gets you.


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