Barack Obama, just an ordinary guy

Just days after his golf plans forced a military couple to redo their wedding plans, Barack Obama took his family to, shall we say, a very exclusive Hawaiian restaurant — a restaurant where a membership will cost you half-a-million dollars. Normally, I couldn’t care less about where a man takes his family to dine, except this is President Obama. Liberals would like you to believe he’s a man of the people. Except that he isn’t. Not only that, but you’ve got President Obama demanding that the rest of us make sacrifices in order to reduce our carbon footprint, while he takes Air Force One to Hawaii. And let’s not forget Michelle Obama, who has no problem indulging her palate at a very exclusive Hawaiian restaurant while telling the rest of us how we should be eating and half-starving school children with her lunch program whose portions are so meager they would barely keep a bird alive. Remarkably, there are some American leftists out there who actually take the Obamas and their demands on the rest of us seriously, and never question the First Family’s overindulgences. Again, I normally don’t care how others choose to live their lives, but if you’re going to try to micromanage my lifestyle, then you’re setting yourself up for the same scrutiny.


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