Blinded by doctrine

Perhaps you have known them if you are a church-going person. Of course, you meet all kinds in church. I’m talking about the ones who get so caught up in doctrinal issues that they miss the very essence of the Scriptures. Christ reduced the entire Genesis-to-Revelation Holy Writ down to two commandments: love the Lord and love your neighbor. Therefore, Christianity is all about relationships. Anything more than that gets you into legalism. In Christ’s time, those who were blinded by doctrine were known as Pharisees. Christ had no patience for them. But we have Pharisees today, too. We just don’t call them that. But they are the same. They’ll be quick to argue a point of doctrine with you. They can be nasty about it, too. To them, it’s all about the minutiae, the finer points of Scripture. Does this passage mean x or y? I’m not knocking doctrine. It’s important to know Scripture and what it means. But it’s even more important to carry out what Christ defined as the two greatest commandments. We will ultimately find souls in heaven who knew very little doctrine here on earth, but genuinely loved the Lord and loved their neighbors. And there will be souls absent from heaven who knew a great deal of doctrine, but ultimately neglected both the Lord and their fellow man.


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