Why the left cannot publicly admit that a terrorist attack is a terrorist attack

Liberals are amazing exhibits of illogic in so many ways, one of which is their inability to publicly label terrorist attacks by militant Islamists as terrorist attacks by militant Islamists. They will go out of their way to avoid blaming the culprits. Why do you think this is? The Maha Rushie, who just turned in one of his best weeks on the radio I have ever heard after many years of faithful listening, nailed the left with this observation on Thursday’s show:

Remember, all of liberalism is a lie and they must sell this lie or these series of liberal lies to as many people as often as they can. The big lie, of course, is that the answer to every cultural and societal problem resides in smart people in government making the decisions. And they constantly live in a state of anxiety or fear that they’re going to be exposed as unable to do what they say. And when you have an attack like this, with the cops and no guns, showing up on bicycles, they are patently worried that their policies, that their beliefs, will be exposed as worthless when it comes to protecting people, public safety, security, and all it is.



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