The NCAA got it right

Ohio State won the national football championship last night, an upset winner over Oregon. Congratulations to the Buckeyes. It would not have been possible just a year ago, when the football championship was still governed by the BCS, a poll & formula-driven means for determining the top two teams. If the BCS were still in play, Florida State and Alabama would have played the national championship game. They were also the two teams that lost in the semifinals this year (to Oregon and Ohio State). Clearly, they were not the two best teams. Thus, the wisdom in switching to a 4-team playoff is underscored. It’s much better to settle these matters on the field of play than with a microprocessor. Sooner or later, the NCAA will expand the football playoffs to six or eight teams. I don’t know this for a fact. It’s just a hunch. Regardless of the sport, playoffs tend to grow over time, and it won’t be a bad thing.


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