When was the last time Congress made your life better?

I hear Republicans called obstructionist whenever they get in the way of President Obama’s agenda. If only that were true. Too many times, Republicans have gone along with the president, especially in federal spending and growth of government. Speaker John Boehner has, so far, struck a more partisan tone since the new Congress began, and I hope it continues. Regardless, my one goal for this Congress is to simply stop President Obama, and that involves obstruction: a lot of it.

Democrats and the media (and some limp-wristed Republicans) are critical of such obstruction, because the perception is that Congress should be “doing something” while they’re in session, that if bills aren’t being passed, then problems aren’t being solved. The trouble is, Congress usually doesn’t solve problems. It creates them. Seriously, other than tax cuts, when is the last time Congress passed legislation that had a positive impact on your life? Exactly. Congressmen are the only government employees I am perfectly willing to pay to do nothing, because the less Congress does, the better off the rest of us are.


One thought on “When was the last time Congress made your life better?

  1. Last time congress did anything that made my life better was the “Bush Tax Cuts” – saved me about $400 that year, and increasingly more each year until they lapsed.


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