What’s good for the goose

As I posted a couple of days ago, law enforcement representatives are trying to pressure Google into eliminating the ability of drivers to report the location of revenue traps from its wildly popular Waze traffic app for “safety concerns.”

At the same time, the Justice Department tracks the movement of vehicles using license plate readers, and law enforcement uses this information.

Many law enforcement agencies are accessing this vehicle database, which can track cars in real-time when they’re on major roadways, with obvious concerns with exactly how far the US government should be allowed to monitor vehicle movement.

This raises the question, should government and law enforcement be afforded certain privileges that a free society should not? I know law enforcement has a job to do, but at what expense to individual liberty? I do not agree that law enforcement should be given carte blanche, because law enforcement is made up of human beings. Human beings are fallible and, among our many fallacies, we tend to abuse power when it is given to us.

I look at the Waze app as a sort of check and balance. Police have the authority to check my speed while driving, stop and fine me if I am going too fast, and more or less extort the money from me if I refuse to pay. In addition, they have the authority to make my infraction known to my insurance company, which can then raise my premium. Pretty much all we drivers have is an app that enables us to report the locations of revenue traps to other drivers so they can avoid getting caught speeding. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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