Weather modification theorists are everywhere

Over the years, I have covered the global warming hoax extensively on this blog. It has become codified in leftist ideology that human activity is slowly destroying the climate and something must be done. That “something” usually takes the form of expanding government and raising taxes, which is the end goal of leftists across the world.

I have recently become aware of a fringe element on the right that believes the government is dropping biological and/or chemical agents on us unwitting citizens. As evidence, they point to high-altitude contrails — they call them “chemtrails” — that last longer than ordinary contrails. I have even found some that believe excess air traffic is sometimes creating man-made clouds. They refer to government modifying the weather as “geo-engineering.”

So we’ve got weather modification kooks on both sides now. It is true that if you go far enough to the right or left, you end up meeting your polar opposite on the other side of the globe.


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