I am now a huge fan of Staples

Staples recently moved a significant number of their full-time employees to part-time because of the “Affordable Care Act.” This pronouncement prompted the President of the United States to single out the corporation as greedy. You see, like any good liberal, President Obama isn’t going to take the fall for the disastrous results of his policies. He expects private companies and the Republicans to serve as his scapegoats. But Staples isn’t taking the fall. Staples hit back, and good for them!

Far from being greedy, it turns out that for every $100 spent at Staples, the company profits $2.70. That’s a 2.7% profit margin on gross sales. By contrast, that same $100 yields $7 in sales tax collections to state and local governments. So government, which does nothing to produce or move the merchandise sold at Staples, nevertheless profits nearly three times as much as the corporation that does all the work. And Staples is greedy?



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