I can’t believe liberals really are this dumb

Hopefully you’ve by now heard Marie Harf’s “solution” for neutralizing the terrorist organization we have come to know as ISIS. Marie Harf works for the State Department. On Tuesday, she pontificated that “We cannot win the War on Terror, nor can we win the war on ISIS by killing them. We need to find them jobs. We need to get to the root cause of terrorism, and that is poverty and lack of opportunity in the terrorist community.”

I don’t know if she really believes this or if it’s just a diversion. For whatever reason, liberals cannot bring themselves to admit that Islamic militants are motivated by religious ideology. To the left, cold-blooded killers like ISIS are victims of some set of unfortunate circumstances over which they have no control, when anyone with half a brain knows these terrorists are acting upon their religious convictions. I honestly don’t know what has turned liberals into apologists for militant Islam. It’s truly befuddling to those of us who think rationally.

Or perhaps she really does believe that ISIS will stop killing if only we open up a Wal-Mart over there, give them jobs and put them on ObamaCare. Maybe it’s true that liberals really are that dumb.


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