Lunardi’s brackets

Here we are 3 full weeks from Selection Sunday and ESPN is already pushing Joe Lunardi’s brackets as if there were gospel. It’s a constant barrage of “last 4 in” and “first 4 out.” Today it was over the top when Lunardi proclaimed if Oregon beat Utah, why, he’d go ahead and move Oregon into the field of 68. (Oregon did win, by the way.) It’s comical the way ESPN treats Lunardi’s brackets as though he’s got the say over who’s in and who’s out. Sure, Joe Lunardi knows a great deal of basketball. Many of us do. We follow the sport and can just as easily predict the field, and I would wager that my 17-year-old can get it as close as Lunardi can. So let’s not get to carried away with Joe Lunardi’s holy writ. He doesn’t know any better than the rest of us, and his projections carry no weight. The only set of brackets that actually matters will by announced by the NCAA Selection Committee three weeks from today.


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