Haven’t done that in a while

I did something earlier this month that I hadn’t done since early September. I bought music. It was the Beatles “White Album.” And I actually bought it on CD, which I haven’t done probably in years. I had to. I’ve been a subscriber to Beats Music since last fall. They have something like 20 million songs available, and it’s rare that I want to listen to something which Beats doesn’t have. Well, they don’t have the Beatles catalog. Neither does Spotify. So I looked into buying a digital copy on iTunes, but it cost $20. So I looked around on Amazon.com and found a new copy for $10. It finally arrived yesterday. I went ahead and ripped it, uploaded the files to my iTunes Match account so I can stream it, and am flipping the almost-new CD set on eBay, where I can hopefully get close to what I paid for it on Amazon.com. It took iTunes years to finally land the Beatles catalog, so I figure it will be a while before streaming services make the Beatles available. And that’s okay. There are alternate methods.


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