Banning revenue cameras

A bill filed by three state lawmakers would ban revenue cameras (mis-named “red-light cameras”) across Tennessee. A few years ago, we got rid of our revenue cameras here in Mt. Juliet by electing city councilmen who said they would rid the city of this scourge. And they did just that. The problem with revenue cameras is that they are sold to the public as a safety measure, but are really nothing more than revenue generators for local governments. If you think I’m being cynical, then just follow the money and see where it leads you. I’d like to see the legislature pass such a ban and rid the entire state of these revenue generators.

I have included a link to a companion story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. You have to love the premise that banning revenue cameras would “cost” the city $1.4 million, as though that money is already government’s. It’s never the case that revenue cameras cost Shelby County drivers $1.4 million.

Link to this article:


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