Eh, baseball

It’s baseball season again, marking my 35th season as a Phillies’ fan, and I couldn’t care less about the sport than I do right now. I care even less than I did last year, and I didn’t care a great deal last year. This is unusual for me, because I’ve loved baseball ever since I was 10. The Phillies aren’t going to be very good this year, but that’s not it. They’ve been lousy before and it hardly dampened my enthusiasm. As my interest in college football and the NBA has increased over the last few years, my passion for baseball has dried up. Perhaps it’s one of those things that happens with age. Our tastes and preferences gradually change. Whereas summer use to be the best time of the year for me regarding sports, I now dread those dreary few months between the end of the NBA playoffs and the start of college football. I’m sure I’ll keep up with baseball nominally, but I certainly won’t be subscribing to MLB.TV like I have in years past. The Nashville Sounds’ new stadium opens next month, but I’m rather ambivalent about that, too. I’m sure I’ll watch a game here and there, but I’m no longer anticipatory. I’ll enjoy basketball while we still have it. At least the NBA playoffs drag on for two months, thank goodness.


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