President Obama, pop culture icon

N.C. State’s Anthony Barber was a bit miffed that President Obama picked Villanova over the Wolfpack in his NCAA tournament brackets. N.C. State upset Villanova, prompting Barber’s barb toward the president — a remark for which he later apologized.

This is what Obama represents to a lot of people: just a really cool guy who fills out tournament brackets and happens to live in the White House. It’s actually a brilliant maneuver on the president’s part, getting the low-information crowd to see him as someone harmless, someone who isn’t responsible for anything of significance.

I’m not miffed about the president’s tournament picks. I’m miffed about him lying to the American people about their medical insurance under ObamaCare. I’m miffed about government spying and government intrusion. I’m miffed about letting Iran develop nukes. I’m miffed about a lot of things that really do matter that have occurred during this presidency. He’s not some harmless guy who acts cool. He’s the occupant of the most powerful position in the world and continues to usurp even more power. He’s on a path of destruction against his own fellow citizens. And a large number of Americans don’t even know it.


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