That annoying gung-ho tornado crowd

I am in the weather business. As such, I interact regularly with the general public via social media and sometimes face-to-face during community outreach opportunities. I generally enjoy this aspect of the job, but from time-to-time you come across people who are a bit too enthusiastic for their own good.

Granted, I got into weather many years ago for the simple fact that I love weather. Even though it ceased being a hobby when it became an actual job, it is a job I have always enjoyed. And I like a good thunderstorm as much as the next guy.

However, there is that element of the population I find particularly annoying. It’s the crowd that responds “Tornadoes! Yeah! Bring it!” whenever there is the possibility of severe storms. As a paid professional, there are some things I cannot say to our customers, so I typically ignore the enthusiastic tornado wishers.

But seriously, do you really want tornadoes? Would you prefer one to mow right through your home or are you excited about the prospect of one striking someone else’s? Do you know what they do? Have you seen the type of devastation they create? Is this what you really want?

As much as I enjoy nature at work, there are limits. And I’d be perfectly content if Middle Tennessee never saw another tornado.


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