Baseball starts Monday!

Yes, the 2015 major league baseball season begins Monday. This has traditionally been an exciting time for me. This year it isn’t. The Phillies are picked to finish 5th in the National League East. Unfortunately, there are only 5 teams in each division. At this time, the Phillies are 0-0. This is as good as it’s going to get, so I’m enjoying these last few days of being 0-0. Once the games start to count, it’s going downhill fast, like a roller-coaster with no ups, just a constant descent into a bottomless pit for six straight months. Just four years ago, the Phillies won a franchise-record 102 games en route to their 5th consecutive division championship. It seems like a decade ago. It’s shocking how fast it took us to go from best to worst. Now the Washington Nationals are the team to beat. It’s almost Biblical: let he who is first be last and he who is last be first. And so I will enter my 35th year as a Phillies’ fan with the singular expectation that we will be last. Anything better than that will be gravy. (Alas, there will be no gravy.)


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