Easter Sunday notes (Matthew 28:1-15)

Today is Easter Sunday.

He is risen.

There were 7 believers baptized in service ths morning. It was a great day to stir the waters.

He is risen, indeed.

He who knew no sin became our sin. Because of Christ on the Cross, the veil in the temple was torn, symbolizing a God who was now approachable by all.

But it’s not Friday anymore. We are not meant to live in fear and bondage. It is now Sunday. We have been set free.

There are several cases in both Old & New Testament of humans being resurrected from the dead. Yet they all died later in life. Except Christ. He is alive because he is the only one who was purely divine, the only one who died for the sins of others. For believers, the soul being absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

The evidence of the resurrection is overwhelming. There were many eyewitnesses of the risen Christ, for example.

Too often, we place our hope and happiness in things that are dead. Why not place your faith Christ? Christianity is the only religion whose leader both died and rose from the dead. For the rest of your life, live like it’s Sunday and not Friday.


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