A pizza shop in a small town

You might have heard about what happened to Memories Pizza in a small Indiana town last week after what the mainstream media and a handful of intolerant leftists tried to do to the unsuspecting pizza establishment. I won’t rehash the entire chain of events here. In a nutshell, you’ve got a pizza shop owner minding her own business, not bothering anyone, when in walks a reporter from a tiny television station looking to make a name for herself at someone else’s expense. One thing leads to another, the unsuspecting pizza shop owner reveals her faith and opposite to same-sex marriage, and next thing she knows she’s getting all sorts of negative backlash, death threats, the works, and so they have to shut the place down out of fear.

Except they don’t.

Supporters swoop down, donate around $750,000 to help keep the place open, and, as Rush Limbaugh remarked, this is all the evidence we need that the country is not yet lost.


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