I don’t miss the books

Years ago I scanned my old photographs and tossed the aging photo albums. They are all on Flickr now, and backed up in a couple of other locations. I much prefer the digital versions. I literally have them with me wherever I am.

It wasn’t long after that I ripped all my CD’s, and then sold off or gave away the CD’s. I do not miss the CD’s. Like the photos, I have them wherever I am. Digital music doesn’t take up space, while 300 or so CD’s definitely takes up space.

When I purchased my first iPad nearly 4 years ago, I wondered if I’d adapt to e-reading, swiping across the screen to turn a page instead of actually tuning a page. I’ve always loved books, and there’s nothing like the musty smell of a used bookstore. But I took to e-reading rather quickly. With few exceptions, I stopped buying physical books altogether. They take up a lot of space, and you can carry around a massive ebook collection without effort.

A couple of days ago I gave away a couple of large boxes of books. I’ve read them. They mean nothing to me anymore, so I guess my allure for the written page isn’t quite what it used to be. My reading habits haven’t changed, mind you. I still love to read. I just read books that don’t take up space. The nostalgia isn’t quite there anymore. Books have gone the way of CD’s, which went the way of photo albums.

Given the amount of stuff we have driven to the Goodwill donation center in recent months, I guess if our home were a ship, it’d be riding a little higher in the water these days. We still have a ways to go, but it’s amazing the amount of stuff a family accumulates over the years.


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