Running the race…again

Two years and five months ago, I was sitting at my son’s cross-country banquet when one of the fathers encouraged me to try to run a half-marathon. We had been talking about running, of course, I mean, what else would you talk about at a banquet for runners? My response to his ridiculous idea was something like, “I don’t think I could ever run a half-marathon.”

Yesterday, I ran my second half-marathon. It was the same one I ran last year, the Country Music Marathon right here in Nashville. My finishing time was 2:16, which was three minutes slower than last year’s time. But time is of secondary importance to me. My only goal heading into these things is to be able to run the entire 13.1-mile course all the way through without stopping or walking. This accomplished, I was satisfied with the endeavor.

Even though it was cloudy and a pleasant 59 degrees at the start, it had rained earlier in the morning so that the humidity was still unpleasantly high, and so I got tired earlier and wore down quicker than last year. But I finished, and that’s what mattered most.

Nashville skyline at dawn
A sea of runners on Broadway Avenue waiting to start
My corral finally makes it to the starting line
Running along Music Row
Midtown Fellowship, just past the halfway point
Belmont University, near mile-marker 8
Belmont Church, where they always have a praise band
The Gulch, near mile marker 10. Notice how packed in we still are.
The State Capitol, as viewed from the rear
The glorious finish line at LP Field

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