Embracing the Libertarian Party (goodbye GOP)

I am a conservative. I have been for most of my adult life. I believe in individual liberty, limited government, and the right to life. I have not wavered on these three beliefs. My political ideas can be found in the Declaration of Independence. It is still as relevant today as it was in 1776. For the last few elections, I have dutifully voted Republican. I won’t do it again, unless they nominate a genuine conservative. But this doesn’t seem likely. I am therefore declaring my independence from the Republican Party, because the GOP as a national party has far more in common with the Democrat Party than with conservatism. Therefore, I am declaring myself a Libertarian, because I have far more in common with Libertarians than Republicans, and the Libertarian Party seems to represent the closest political manifestation to my own beliefs. I have heretofore shied away from voting Libertarian because Libertarian candidates typically garner only a few percent of the vote and have no chance of winning on a national level. But the last two presidential elections the GOP has given me John McCain and Mitt Romney as “alternatives” to Barack Obama. I’m sorry, but there just isn’t enough of a difference anymore for the Republicans to justify my vote. I’d rather throw it away on a candidate that has no chance of winning than a Democrat-lite offering. So I’ll take my chances with the Libertarians. It feels more authentic that way. At any rate, my instincts have gradually trended toward libertarianism, anyway. The “culture war” I fought so bravely for so many years doesn’t excite me anymore. In fact, politics in general excites me less than it used to, which is why I don’t blog as much about politics as I once did. Of course, I still keep up with politics. It’s a civic duty to keep yourself educated on the despots elected officials who are running the country, and so I still keep up with current events. I just don’t get all bent out of shape like I used to. Despots are despots and they must be defeated at every opportunity. It’s not cynicism, necessarily, because I don’t consider myself a cynical person. It’s just me taking the political landscape for what it is and adapting. (By the way, I’m thinking of changing the blog title to “Lefthanded Libertarian.” Alas, the URL will have to remain as it is.)


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