My heroes have always been the gentle types

When I look back on the Christian people who have crossed my path, the ones I regard most fondly are those who were humble and gentle, compassionate and empathetic, the ones who understood that God calls us foremost to love one another.

Conversely, the Christians I would as just soon forget are the harsh ones, the ones who walk around with fingers pointing out the specks in the eyes of others. You’ve probably met a few of these in your life. They’re obsessed with the sins of others, quick to argue, and can sometimes become belligerent with those who sin differently than they do. When they walk into a room, all I want to do is walk out. They tend to know a great deal of Scripture, but don’t seem to put it into practice much. Theirs is the example I do not wish to emulate.

Indeed, the most authentic Christians seem to be the ones Christ described in the beatitudes: the meek, the peacemakers, the mournful, those who desire righteousness, the merciful, the pure. I long for Christians who wear this armor. Let me be one myself. What a great example in living that kind of life.


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