How to rob yourself of a happy life (Luke 6:30-38)

Tithing is not giving. It is living out Biblical generosity. Spiritually, people rob themselves of God’s blessings by not following Biblical principles. If someone is in need and you have the means, Christ tells us to meet that need. Also, we are not to keep tabs on who owes us.

It is nothing to love someone who loves you. There are unloveable people we are expected to act benevolently toward. Even lost people do nice things for others. A generous person recognizes that it all belongs to God, anyway.

Loving one’s enemies is a difficult thing to do. In the end, we are rewarded by God for doing kind. God is kind even to evil people, so what right do we have to be unkind? Since Christ has shown us mercy, mercy toward others is also expected of us. If you put out meanness, you will receive meanness. Therefore, do not condemn so we shall not be condemned.

Whatever we give out, so shall we receive. We reap what we sow. But you never reap until you sow. Give and it shall be given unto you. But what is “it” that we shall be given? People shall give back into our life. It has nothing  to do with getting rich, but that God will trust us with more responsibility. Matthew 6:21 states that where our heart is, that is where our treasure will also be. Give more, and more often.

Three laws of giving are:

1) Law of possession — God owns everything. We are merely overseers.

2) Law of participation — God lets us participate in His kingdom activities by giving.

3) Law of promise — Give to God and it shall be measured to you again.

God so loved the world that He gave. God doesn’t measure back to us to increase our standard of living, but to increase our standard of giving.


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