Live to give (Mark 12:41-44)

What is it like to live with an open heart? Tithing is the will of God. Malachi 3:8 is about robbing God. Is this just about tithing? It’s about giving the firstfruits. When the Lord blesses you, you give the first tenth back to God. Knowing and doing this can also increase your offering.

When you learn how to distinguish pride (often a hidden sin) is when your walk with God is real.

There are 3 levels of giving: obedience (tithing), offerings (above the tithe), and “over the top” (extravagant giving). Very few of us give sacrificially. The fear is that if we give too much away there won’t be enough for us to use.

In our passage, Jesus was watching worshippers put their money into the treasury. So it can be said that God is interested in how we used our money. In fact, Jesus spoke on money much more often than He spoke on heaven and hell. If you love money, you will use people to get more money. If you love people, you will use money to get more people.

We should also give with the right attitude (not grudgingly). Giving should involve faith. Some believers give out of their abundance and their giving is not much of a sacrifice. There is not much faith where there is no sacrifice. That Jesus pointed out to His disciples that a poor widow gave more than the wealthy illustrates that God keeps score. Don’t measure your generosity by what you give to others, but what you keep for yourself. The real blessing doesn’t come when we just give, but when we give sacrificially.


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