The struggle is real (James 1:6-9)

Trials are the outward problems we face. Temptations are the internal struggles. The struggles are proof of our relationship with Christ.

1. When we doubt the sufficiency of God, we divert the blessings of God. God has both the means and the desire to bless His children. However, Jesus is not a genie in a bottle. Rather, God can accomplish great things even through our mustard-seed-sized faith. If you pray do not doubt.

James is the only Bible writer who uses the phrase “double-minded.” This is because no man can serve two masters. A double-minded man is unstable. Characteristics of a double-minded person include saying one thing and doing another, indecisive a majority of the time, move jobs often and change relationships constantly, bad with money, talk about faith but live in doubt, easily distracted from spiritual things, seek man’s approval and God’s approval equally (disease to please), fit in with whatever group they find themselves in, hate personal confrontation but sow private discord, get excited quickly then fizzle out. (To an extent, we are all double-minded.)

2. A double-minded man is a spiritual danger to himself and others.

James and Proverbs both pack a lot of truth in a small space. (James is the New Testament in a nutshell.)

Verse 9 tells us to rejoice in the things we have, even the man who may not be wealthy.

3. God honors those who have Biblical priorities. (The double-minded person does not make the right priorities.) Indeed, Jesus is enough. When our priorities are right, we give God something to bless.


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