Sermon notes from James 1: the struggle is real

It is real indeed, and today we enjoyed communion Sunday before diving into James 1.

God is our resource of wisdom who shows us how to go from where we are now to where we need to be. Anything God can do in our life is so much more than riches or anything the world could ever do for us. If you’re poor, don’t let riches be your goal. If you’re rich, don’t let more riches be your goal. We will take none of our earthly riches to heaven. All we take are the people we influence for Christ.

1. Possessions should never be the driving force of our life. If Christ is central in our life, we will be provided for. Christians  are often driven by the desire for more and more stuff, but what we really need is more and more God.

2. People will forget what we owned but will never forget how we impacted them. You will preach your own funeral long before your funeral. People won’t remember at your funeral what you owned. They will remember how you impacted others. What we have in our bank account is of little or no consequence to God. There is no joy in a diluted conscience.

3. There is great fulfillment in spiritual endurance. The most broken among us are those who have no resistance to temptation but just keep sinning. Endurance (spiritual & physical) helps us excel at life. Christianity is a mind game because if you lose the battle in your mind, you’ve already lost it in your body. So we must keep enduring so that we may receive the crown of life.

Ask yourself what it will be like when God says to us, “I am pleased with you.”


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