The conceit of man

The world’s G7 leaders have a plan to control the weather. Yes, they really do. Not since Moses parted the Red Sea has man sought to exert his will over nature in this way. (And Moses had God’s help. The G7 leaders are making no such overtures. They seem to genuinely believe their political power extends to the earth’s climate.)

Monday’s G-7 declaration provides a rough outline of what the seven major economies—including the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, and Germany—say they would support in a Paris climate agreement, how they plan to rein in emissions on their own, and how they will help developing nations curb greenhouse gases.

The seven nations affirmed that a Paris agreement should keep global temperatures below a rise of 2 degrees Celsius, a key benchmark that scientists say must be avoided to stave off the worst impacts of global warming, and called for decarbonization of the global economy over the course of this century.

As the wise King Solomon once mused, there is nothing new under the sun.


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