Questioning the prophets of climate change

Let’s say your’re a good, obedient leftist doing your part to save the planet from the ravages of manmade climate change. You don’t own a car. You walk or pedal or use mass transit. You don’t eat beef because cows are bad for the environment. You keep your thermostat on 62 during winter and 78 during summer, trying to shave every millimeter off your carbon footprint you can. Climate change is more or less your religion, and those who say manmade climate change is real and we’d better reduce our lifestyles in order to help save the planet are your priests.

Honestly, don’t you see the way they live and ever question why bother doing what you’re doing? I mean, if manmade climate change were actually occurring, don’t you think they’d be on the front lines showing the rest of us how it’s done? So when Al Gore goes flying off to, say, Copenhagen to warn the rest of the world on the dangers of excessive carbon emissions, thereby canceling out all your nickel-and-dime lifestyle changes, doesn’t it quietly make you question why you do what you do? Or what about when the Obamas take separate 747’s and entourages to the same location on their vacations? Or what about Prince Charles leading the princely life of British royalty? Do you ever see them reduce their lifestyles? Of course you don’t, because all they ever do is talk and make demands of you that they themselves have no intention of following?

Doesn’t that make you wonder why you’re wasting all that effort?

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