Say it ain’t so, Pete

ESPN says it has come across hard evidence that Pete Rose bet on baseball as a player, in contradiction to his long-held claim that he only bet on the game as a manager. If this is the case, any chance he had of reinstatement has likely vanished. I can’t really make a compelling case at this point that he should be reinstated, which is unfortunate, because I’ve always believed baseball is better with Pete Rose part of it than not.

However, if Pete’s betting on the game as a player threatened the integrity of the game at that time, then doesn’t MLB also have the obligation to ban proven steroid users? I mean, steroid use has a much more direct impact on the game than betting (unless betting is accompanied by on-the-field fixing). So to be consistent, steroid users ought to be on the outside looking in, as well. Otherwise, free Pete Rose.


One thought on “Say it ain’t so, Pete

  1. And the only real reason this is an “issue” (aside from Rose’s dishonesty), is that MLB wants to be the only entity making money off of the fixing of baseball games.
    To be fair, it is their league, so it should be their rules.

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