A few remarks about Apple Music

Today I downloaded the iOS 8.4 update, which installed the new Apple Music app on my iPhone and iPad. Although I have not yet spent much time playing around with the new music app, here are few quick notes of things I have noticed so far:

– My Beats Music subscription transferred over to Apple Music with literally a click and a sign-in.

– The 3-month free trial period applies also to former users of Beats Music, which was a nice surprise. It will save me about $30 in subscription fees.

– My entire music library and playlists from Beats Music transferred flawlessly to my Apple Music account.

– Like Beats Music, Apple Music creates automatic playlists based on my listening tastes, but the Apple Music playlists seem even more intricate than the ones Beats Music created for me.

– My former Beats Music library is integrated with my iTunes library seamlessly.

– As with Beats Music, you can download tracks to your iOS device for offline listening.

There are features in the Apple Music app I have not yet discovered or fully used yet. This is just a quick-glance set of highlights. The good thing is, once you transfer your subscription from Beats Music over to Apple Music, you can go ahead and delete your Beats Music app since you are no longer a subscriber. So one app does what two used to do. Also, your unused balance from Beats Music gets applied to your Apple Music subscription (once they start charging me again in three months.)


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