Sunday morning notes from church

The struggle is real. That’s the theme of our current study of the New Testament book of James.

Today we focused on verses 14-18 in chapter 1.

Sin brings forth death. Lust (or desire) is the mother of all temptations. God, in his sovereignty, takes things that are not good by themselves (sickness, hardship) and works them together to bring about good. God is good not because he does good things for us, but because he is God and that is his nature.

1. God is the author and giver of all things good in our lives. God wants to bless his children even more than his children want to be blessed. We are the originators of our own sin. God is the originator of all things good and glorious.

2. The character of God is constant and unchanging. There is no instability, no shadiness in God. When we are dead and buried, there will still be God. The only thing exalted above God’s name is his Word. Creation has no language barrier, so the heavens declare God’s glory to everyone. Christianity is the only religion that does not teach that man must seek God and procure his favor. Rather, it is God who pursues us. God is the originator of the gospel plan that saves us. He has always had a plan to reclaim man from his own sin: Jesus Christ. We are saved only by the Word of truth and not by anything we have done.

3. We are regenerated by the power of the gospel by the very will of God himself. There is no other way. Redemption puts us in a right stead with God. When we are saved, God is restoring us to the original purpose of creation. Truth sounds very much like hate to those who hate the truth. God didn’t let us save ourselves because He knew we’d brag about it.


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