It looks like the Obama administration is willingly getting out of Iran’s way in letting them develop their own nuclear weapons. (Why not just give them some of ours at this point?) This is not surprising. President Obama has sought to undermine his own country at nearly every opportunity. Iran wants nukes for one reason: to use against Israel. Let’s say that in 10 or 15 years, they become successful. I hope I’m wrong, but let’s assume the worst. Aside from the heavy loss of life that a nuclear attack would incur, let’s consider the political implications over here. By then, Barack Obama will have been many years out of office. (Thank goodness.) But he won’t get any of the blame for Iran getting nukes. Instead, the mainstream press and Democrats (same thing, really) will blame the Republican president who succeeds Obama. If a Republican president doesn’t succeed Obama, then a Republican Congress will somehow get stuck with the blame. Or they’ll blame climate change. (Don’t put it past them.) Either way, the true culprit will escape accountability.

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