Today’s notes from James 1

(James 1:21-25)

The Word of God is able to save our souls. It also teaches us how to live for Christ once we are saved.

1. Listening to the Word and living it out are two very different things. What good would it do to read the Bible about how to walk with Christ and then not do it? In fact, the Word of God passionately motivates us to live for Christ. The Bible is not only to be heard, it is to be lived. We see it and hear it but do we obey it? The real value in the Bible is found in doing it. The Bible is sort of a mirror. It reflects who we really are and not just who we think we are.

2. Life change is a choice. We can change what we see, or we can change the mirror. But changing the mirror would be watering down the Bible. The Word of God will enable us to change only if we agree to do it. Or we can choose to stay the same. Change comes through conviction. The Bible is a “perfect law of liberty,” because it can free us from the bondage of sin.

3. The Bible provides the power of absolute success. God wants to write our success story, but only with Biblical principles. The foundation of our life must be built upon the Bible. This is how we fight off temptation and tribulation. God has promised to bless His word. It is the only thing bigger than His name.


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