Does everything happen for a reason?

I’ve heard it said for a good part of my life that everything happens for a reason. I’ve probably said it myself. It’s something we say almost without thinking, like it’s a proven fact that everything happens for a reason. Typically, we associated that phrase with suffering. Why do we do that? Obviously, we don’t like suffering, whether it’s physical or emotional. And so we don’t want our suffering to ever be in vain. We want it to mean something, like there’s some higher cause attached to our suffering. And so we assuage our suffering by telling ourselves there’s a reason for our suffering. I have recently come to question that assumption. Does everything (bad) really happen for a reason? Sometimes there is a reason. But maybe sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes things just happen. That’s hard to accept, because it means our suffering might not really mean anything. And we don’t want to think our suffering has no aim. This is something I have come to accept. From our perspective, life sometimes isn’t fair. But reality is what it is. It’s part of living in a fallen world full of sin and disease and decay. In the end, the world is not our final home. And that’s reason enough.


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