The evil of our time

I have been following the Planned Parenthood story over the last couple of weeks. My opinion of them has not changed. Before the story broke of their selling off body parts, I knew them to be purely rooted in evil, and the revelation that they are further profiting from abortion by harvesting fetal organs only confirms that. I’ve never been surprised by this expose.

What I do hope is that others who have been ambivalent about abortion will perhaps understand exactly what’s going on inside America’s abortion clinics. Unborn human beings are being slaughtered in abortion clinics right here in the land of the free, and their body parts are being sold off for profit. Since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, there have been an estimated 55,000,000 abortions performed in the U.S. — all of them perfectly legal. The abortion industry has been able to survive in large part because of semantics. It’s all about the language. Abortion isn’t abortion. Abortion is “the right to choose” or “basic women’s healthcare.” An unborn child isn’t a human being, but “an unviable tissue mass.” Why the careful wording? In order for abortion to survive in the arena of public opinion, the unborn must be seen to be something less than human. If the unborn are considered something less than human, then it can’t be murder.

If we look back through history, slavery survived for so long for much the same reason. Black people were considered something less than human beings. They were nothing more than property, or commodities, something to be bought and sold and used to help their owners turn a profit, like farm equipment. They weren’t even hired hands. They were not considered human beings.

Likewise, the mass extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany occurred because the Jews were made to appear as something less than human beings. They were mere animals, swine, not fully human, and so killing them off was made easier. Of course, the Nazi’s were very secretive about what they were doing. They knew they had to be. Planned Parenthood is also very secretive about what they do. This is why they couch their diabolical mission in careful terms. This is why they deny making a profit by selling off body parts, like that makes it morally acceptable. (And does anyone really believe they aren’t making money on the side here?)

What’s comical is watching Planned Parenthood attempt to turn the tables on the ones who have exposed them. The admissions they unwittingly make in these videos, you see, have been taken out of context (a typical liberal maneuver when they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar). They are outraged over the deceit that was used in capturing the videos in the first place. This is the funniest. Planned Parenthood’s very livelihood depends on the mass killing of unborn human beings, and they have the gall to complain about someone else’s deceit? Really? Planned Parenthood OWNS the word deceit. And Planned Parenthood is complaining that this is all some trick to get them defunded. You’re darn right it is! Did you know that our federal tax dollars help fund Planned Parenthood? Yes, some of the tax dollars that come out of our paychecks that we work for are funneled to Planned Parenthood. We are helping support this organization that kills the unborn and sells off the body parts.

Rush Limbaugh has made an excellent point during his various monologues on this topic. Future generations of Americans will come along, look at what we’ve allowed to happen, and wonder where along the way we happened to lose our conscience. I hope he’s right. I hope that someday abortion will be viewed the same way we now view slavery and the Holocaust, as the large-scale endorsement of evil.

I also hope that future generations of Americans understand that there was one political party in America that made legalized abortion possible, and that’s the Democrat Party. Not only has the Democrat Party done everything it can to make and keep abortion legal, it advocates this system of mass extermination. They can say they don’t like abortion, that abortion ought to be safe, legal, and rare, or whatever, but the fact is abortion is the sacrament of the Democrat Party. They own it. The blood is on their hands.


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