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Rush Limbaugh has been dedicating a significant portion of his daily shows these last few weeks to the unfolding Planned Parenthood scandal. I’ve written about Planned Parenthood here on a couple of occasions recently, but there’s still so much more I want to write that I honestly don’t know where to begin. On Friday, however, Rush made the following point regarding the complete lack of morality exhibited by Planned Parenthood and those who support politically this diabolical organization.

Selling these body parts — the life — for medical research. And yet, there isn’t one medical advancement that any of the people responsible for this can point to and say, “Look what we’ve done! Look at the advances that we’ve made!” It’s purely for money and profits. It’s barbaric beyond any ability I have to describe it. I have waited. Two weeks, three weeks have gone by. There’s no room for equivocation on this. There’s no room for, “Well, what if there’s something we don’t understand here?”

There’s no room for that. This is clear-cut depravity, murder. And that human beings are doing this to one another and claiming that people who oppose this somehow are conducting a War on Women or are unaware and unfeeling of another person’s rights? Are you serious? Seriously, are we to be told — are we to believe — that the people doing this procedure and this extraction, they’re the ones that have the monopoly on human rights? And that those of us who are repulsed by this, we’re the ones that don’t care about human rights?

Everything about this is not only upside down and inside out, it is literally sick. And because there are no pictures, actual pictures of what these people are doing, it is hard for a society which is conditioned to be shocked only by what they see, to really understand it. Because it’s been so successfully portrayed as women’s rights, freedom, liberty, equality, or what have you. We learned just yesterday that some of what I just described happens after, if somebody at Planned Parenthood makes a “mistake” and the baby is born.



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