What good is the U.S. Senate?

Or rather, what good are Senate Democrats? Given what we all now know about Planned Parenthood, that they sell off body parts of aborted fetuses for profit in violation of federal law, the U.S. Senate still could not muster 60 votes to defund this diabolical organization. They were 7 votes short. This means 47 out of 100 elected U.S. senators, given the above information, believe Planned Parenthood should continue to receive in excess of $500M of taxpayer money. Of the 47, all but two are Democrats. This means two Republicans effectively sided with Planned Parenthood. One of them is Mitch McConnell. (Please send this guy packing, Kemtucky voters.)

Republicans have a ready-made issue here. Make the Democrats own Planned Parenthood and make sure the voters know what’s going on inside these slaughterhouses. Make sure the voters know that elected Democrats have no problem with this barbarism. Don’t let Democrats get away with claiming Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health care. Make sure the voters realize that Planned Parenthood’s services are overwhelmingly geared toward killing the unborn en masse and very little of what goes on has to do with actual women’s health care.


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