Sunday sermon notes (James 2:6-13)

When the church starts being selective about whom she ministers to, she ceases to be a New Testament church.

1. When we dishonor the poor, we disobey God. He that gives to the poor lends to the Lord. Of all the Bible verses that deal with generosity, many of them are about giving to the poor. We should never aspire to be like people who have no God. Even a wealthy person who is lost is still bankrupt.

2. Claiming the name if Christ comes with high expectations. Is He not worthy of our worship? Above all other laws is the “royal law,” which is to love your neighbor as yourself. Brokenness is something we all have in our lives, and yet we are still called upon to serve others. And if we exalt one person above another, we commit sin. God’s law is unified, so in breaking one law we break them all. And so the weight of the law convicts us all. James twice uses the phrase “law of liberty” to refer to the word of God by which we shall all one day be judged. If you want mercy you have to show it. If you want forgiveness then you have to show it. Mercy rejoices against judgement.

3. We are condemned by the law but set free by the power of mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgement. The Pharisees humiliated publicly. Jesus restores us privately. As long as we keep mercy between us, we don’t have to see eye to eye. What does it say if you have faith but do nothing with it?


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