Sunday notes from church (James 2:19-26)

What does it look like to have an authentic faith? When we have that faith, it produces works. You can actually show your faith by your works. The purpose of salvation isn’t just to go to heaven, but to also produce good works here on earth. Even the devils believe in God and they tremble. Only two things in creation have ever disobeyed God: demons and humans. And the demons even believe.

1. Mental acknowledgement does not lead to personal redemption. The devil has a mental acknowledgment of Christ but does not submit. So just believing in God is not enough, an educational knowledge is not enough. Redemption comes through submission. Jesus did the pleasing of the Father on our behalf, so when we are saved we produce righteous fruits. How can we be justified by works when we are saved by faith? Because man cannot see our faith but does see our works. Real worship is really nothing more than obedience to God. What the world is looking for is genuine believers whose works reflect their faith.

2. Biblical faith leads to obedience and gives proper standing with God. Because of the gospel, God sees us as perfectly righteous right now. Practically, we still fall over ourselves and have to ask God forgiveness for our sins. Even Rahab the harlot is known for her good works.

3. Radical faith delivers us from the bondage of our past and initiates a lively future. Let’s prove our faith everywhere we go. Genuine works reflect genuine faith.


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