Mariota vs. Mettenberger

I have now watched two preseason games featuring the Tennessee Titans. It’s still a small sample size as far as statistics go, but given what I’ve seen thus far, it appears that the Titans should be considerably improved this year. I’m not saying we’re playoff-caliber yet, but we should win a lot more than two games in 2015. We have two quarterbacks who could feasibly start on opening day: Marcus Mariota, who was drafted second overall in this year’s NFL draft, and Zach Mettenberger, whom the Titans selected last year and ended up getting significant playing time.

I know Mariota is the presumed starter, and he has done a passable job thus far in two games, but I honestly perceive that Mettenberger has looked a little sharper, and if the season started today and it were up to me, I’d have to give him the nod. This is nothing against Mariota. In retrospect, I’m glad the Titans drafted him. He will be at least a very good NFL quarterback with time. Even though Mettenberger doesn’t have a wealth of experience still, he does have more than Mariota, and he just looks a little more comfortable at the QB position at this point. I do hope the Titans don’t just hand the immediate starting job to Mariota if Mettenberger continues to out-perform. In the end, I want to win.


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