Fish oil

In late May, I went for my annual physical, this time with a brand new (and very young) doctor. My previous doctor, whom I had been seeing for about ten years, had moved to a different position at a different hospital, and so I was left with a new physician. It was time for an EKG this time. I get one about every three years. Both the nurse administering the test and my doctor noted my low heart rate. It was 48 bpm, which is normal for me, but lower than most. They each asked me if I exercised. I told them both that I am a runner. My doctor asked me if I ever had problems with soreness. I then explained that I almost always ran with some sort of pain or soreness or discomfort. He recommended that I try fish oil, 3,000 mg a day. I was skeptical. I have never taken supplements or vitamins of any sort. I just don’t like taking things unless I absolutely have to. But despite my skepticism, I decided to try it. I am pleased to report that the results were almost immediate. I no longer run with soreness or pain. Whereas before I usually had to take a day off between runs, it is now not uncommon for me to run back-to-back days, or even back-to-back-to-back with no ill effects. My runs aren’t necessarily longer, they’re just more frequent, and much more pleasant given the absence of any pain. As a result, I am currently on pace to run more miles in 2015 than any previous year, and I turn 46 years old in November. I’m really looking forward to March, when I will begin (Lord willing) training for my next half-marathon, to see how I hold up after several long runs. In the meantime, I’m still slogging through mostly 5K’s during the hot weather, anxious for cooler temperature and even more miles.

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