A bully for America

Yesterday, I was finally able to put my finger on why Donald Trump’s candidacy has taken off like it has. It’s funny, because he has defied conventional political wisdom so many times you can’t count them all. And every time the “experts” declare his candidacy over because of something supposedly offensive he has said, his poll numbers improve. Yesterday, while railing at the terrible deal we have made with Iran, he summed up his entire persona as our future president in a one-minute clip (see below). He said we are led by very stupid people, that we are tired of losing, that with him as president we will do nothing but win, that we’ll win so much we’ll get tired of winning.

No presidential candidate during my lifetime has ever said these things. Oh, we have had plenty of bullies in office, like the one we have now, but the only people they bully are their own people. Politicians nowadays bully the rich, bully gun-owners, bully the Tea Party, they bully everyone but the despots who run foreign nations that chant “Death to America!” And then the bullies cower in fear and become appeasers. And so we are left to wonder if we have anyone left out there who is willing to stand up for America.

Apparently, there is. His name is Donald Trump. I am voting for him for this reason. He says exactly what needs to be said without fear. When he gets hit, he punches right back. I want this guy leading the country. You have to realize that the freedom we take for granted is a very fragile thing. The history of the world is filled with oppression, thugs, dictators, dungeons, poverty, etc. America was the first country to try what we tried (self rule). We succeeded at it. In the process, we became the richest, strongest, most benevolent nation on the planet. But lately, we have turned into wusses, shoved around by Third World nations who covet our wealth and are determined to weaken our power. The Obamas and Clintons (and some Republicans, too) of the world seem all too ready to help our enemies.

No more. I sense a lot of bottled up frustration among American voters, me included. I want us to go back to being a great nation with a strong economy, a fearsome military, a burgeoning workforce, and a full supply of nuclear weapons that we’ll hopefully never have to use. I want illegal immigration to stop. I want to stop being dictated to by crummy little nations like Iran and their crummy little leaders. Rush Limbaugh is fond of reminding his listeners that the world is governed through the aggressive use of force (and not the aggressive use of speeches). That means a benevolent nation like the U.S. sometimes has to be a bully in order to maintain its freedom and autonomy. And so it’s time to elect a president who will be a bully for America. And if you don’t like the word bully, well, too bad.


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