Sunday sermon notes (James 3:13-18)

Who amongst us is wise? The one thing the modern church struggles with is Biblical discernment.

1. How we make decisions is in direct relation to our knowledge of God’s word. Your worldview does affect how you live your life and the end result. We make ignorant decisions because we are ignorant about what God’s word says. (“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”) There’s nothing like the Bible to clean out your life. God directs our path with His word. Don’t glory about sin. Don’t lie against what you know to be true.

2. Truth is often painful but life-changing when applied. God convicts us so he can change us. So sometimes we have to take the medicine. Truth can be a bitter reality. Truth has fallen into the streets. Those who stand for the truth are typically hated. Truth by its nature is offensive. The wisdom that comes from God reminds us that we need God. The “wisdom” that tries to deny truth is demonic. Where there is envy and strife there is confusion.

3. There is a process for Biblical wisdom. Real wisdom is pure and peaceable; it has no agenda. (It says blessed are the peace-makers, not the peace-takers.) If you are wise, you are approachable, easy entreated. Wisdom is full of mercy, because it takes wisdom to show mercy to a jerk. (The first words into our mind are usually not the right ones.) Righteousness is grown out of those who make peace. And this is what it means to be filled with the knowledge of the word of God. Bible preaching can fix any problem in a local church.


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