iOS 9

I always update to the latest iOS as soon as it’s available, and so I have already upgraded my iPhone & iPad to iOS 9, which was released yesterday. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a great deal of changes with the newest operating system, and so I was a little bit surprised (in a pleasant way) to discover several obvious changes. Some of the changes are just improved aesthetics, some run a little deeper. This is not a comprehensive list of everything new you get with iOS 9, just my own take on the things I have noticed.

1. The keyboard alternates between upper and lower case while you are typing.

2. There is a new firmware app called “News” that collates your news stories from a number of sources that I find very attractive.

3. The “Notes” app is far more robust, with the ability now to imbed photos, draw freehand, and create much more attractive documents.

4. You can now view two apps in split-screen on the iPad.

5. I have not yet experimented with Siri, but it is my understanding that she has been given a great deal more capabilities than before.


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