We were right

I don’t keep up with Tennessee politics like I used to back in the day when we fought off a four-year attempt by elected officials to levy a state income tax. The years 1999-2002, and then for a few years thereafter, I was heavily into it. My general interest in politic has waned, although I do still keep up with major events. At any rate, here were 13 years after driving the final nail in the coffin of the state income tax, and everything we told you has come to pass. The state government was never in dire financial straits. The existing revenue stream has always been more than sufficient to fund state government. Every doomsday prediction made by income tax advocates has fallen flat. In fact, since those days, we have actually cut the sales tax on groceries. And still the state is running a huge surplus. This last fiscal year, the state collected $606 million more revenue than was budgeted. And so one state lawmaker wants to eliminate the Hall income tax, which brought in $303 million last year. Indeed, we conservatives did the state a huge favor years ago by fighting off a state income tax. Our state government remains relatively lean and trim, our taxes are among the lowest in the nation, our economy is relatively strong, and our state truly is a haven. Conservatism does work.


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