Papal politics

Pope Francis has come to the U.S. this week and is making the rounds, meeting with dignitaries, addressing the Congress, addressing the U.N., etc. I’m not sure where the Pope stands on theological matters, but I do know I don’t like his leftist/socialist politics. I’ve also found it quite distasteful, but not surprising, that President Obama has used the Pope to further advocate has own leftist agenda, specifically amnesty and climate change. Pope Francis has displayed his own ignorance of international politics by praising the U.S./Iran nuclear agreement, and called for an end to all nuclear weapons while speaking at the U.N., prompting cheers from the Iranians (because wouldn’t they love to be the only nation with nukes).

This is liberalism for you. Leftists have sought (and largely succeeded) to have their political agenda codified as science (climate change), and also seek to have their political agenda codified as Biblical at every opportunity, using Christ’s urging us to care for “the least of these” as license to spread socialism, which, in reality, does a great deal more to spread poverty and oppression than alleviate it. Plus, I don’t react kindly to world leaders, both foreign and domestic, slamming the United States for its wealth and “greed” when the United States has single-handedly done more to reduce poverty than any nation that has ever existed. Indeed, we are the most benevolent and generous nation, by far, across the globe, with a $19T national debt to prove it! The world should be thanking us. Instead, they lecture us, talk down to us, wag their fingers at us, and chant “Death to America!”

There’s one more thing bothering me, and it is this: why is the left allowed to misuse the Bible and Christianty to advance and justify its political agenda, but when conservatives try it, leftists rant about separation of church and state? Indeed, liberalism is anathema to Christianity, because Christianity teaches things like generosity (not government theft and redistribution), is pro-life, and instructs us to worship the Creator and not the created (opposite of environmentalism). Yet leftists would pervert our faith to advance their polticical objectives while denying conservatives a more authentic rendering of the faith in the political arena.

I miss John Paul II now more than ever.


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