Pride will blind us to our own foolishness (James 4:5-6)

That was my takeaway thought this morning at Global Vision Bible Church as we covered just two verses from James. When we get saved by God, we are not the same. We are new creatures. Our hearts have been changed. And we will never make a difference if we don’t live differently.

1. God is extremely jealous over our affection. He is a jealous God because we are in a relationship with God. In the Old Testament there are many wars because God sought to erase those who worshiped false gods. He also didn’t want the Israelites to be tempted by those idols. Our hearts are idol factories. When there is something in our life we are not willing to turn over to God, it is a false god. When we are saved, our hearts should long for heaven and not the things of this world. And so God desires our attention.

2. Our lives are a continual testimony to the grace of God. The grace of God is a testimony of who we are. It is the theme of who we are. God’s grace is the reason for everything good in our lives. God will give us what we need when we need it. Because of this struggle we have between spirit and flesh, God gives more grace. God stands against the proud (the ones who are saved).

3. Our pride puts us in total opposition to God. Only by pride comes contention. The very first sin ever was pride. Sometimes we are so filled with pride we cannot move forward…until we confess our pride.

4. Through humility, we restore our connection to God’s purpose. When we are filled with pride, we are often the last one to see it. Pride will blind us to our own foolishness. And so we must humble ourselves. You can’t go up unless you go down. Through a painful death on the Cross, Christ was exalted. If we exalt ourselves God will abase us. Humble people recognize their need for God.


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